September 2012 Skater of the Month


Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Skater of the month?!?  Neat!  My Dad said to me a few months back during one of our many roller derby focused conversations, “You’ll get skater of the month one day.  Eventually they’ll run out girls to give it to.”  He was joking of course.  My folks are actually my biggest supporters.  I initially began skating with the now-disbanded Florida Roller Girls in 2008.  After a really rough year, which left me weak physically and emotionally, my mom suggested I find a hobby to get myself out of the house.  She suggested yoga.  I found roller derby.  My dad is the one who actually named me “Roswell Crash.”  My dad was stationed at Walker Air Force Base in the early ‘60s in Roswell, New Mexico, and now currently resides in Jupiter, Florida. So that with my obsession with all things alien, Roswell seemed fitting.

There’s a saying within the community, “Roller derby saved my life.”  It did just that.  Even just being a freshie for a few months in Orlando gave me the strength and courage needed to make the move to Los Angeles.  After three years of living without insurance rendering me inactive on wheels, I was able to join the Angel City Derby Girls and skated with them for a year.  While ACDG is a fantastic league, I finally feel like I found my home and second family with San Fernando Valley Roller Derby.  I’ve been with SFVRD since February of this year and couldn’t be happier.  Now a hefty amount phone conversations with my parents consist of, “How many points did you score at your last game?  Are you playing in the next one?  Oh, don’t worry about being benched.  You keep at it, and you’ll earn your place.”  I forwarded my mom the email of the roster for the September 8th home game with my name on the bottom of the list, “Sub: Roswell Crash – #1947.”  She immediately replied with an enthusiastic, “Woohoooo!!!”  So thank you SFVRD for taking this oddball in with open arms.  A million thank yous to my dad and mom, the High Commander and the Mothership.

SFV Roller Derby

THE LOT, 12900 Bradley Ave, Sylmar, CA