In the beginning, the derby gods created the skaters and the officials. The game was formless  and void, and darkness was over the surface of the track. And the spirit of the fairplay and safety was hovering over all. 

And the derby gods said, “Let there be rules,” and there were rules. 

The derby gods blessed them and said to the officials, “Be fruitful, skate the infield and make the calls of penalties. Have dominion over the blockers of the pack, the pivots of the stripe, the jammers of the star, and the coaches of the bench. May you be the keepers of the paperwork and of the statistics, and the protectors of the sanctity of time.”

And it was so.

The derby gods saw all that they had made, and behold, it was awesome.

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Meet the Ref-Necks!

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CO-HEAD REF Sammy SmackY-Yao
American HurlDoll  
Bellatrix Black
Justice Beaver
Devotchka Rose
KILLher Lizard Queen
Kim NovaKaine
Lana del Deathray
LN Ripley
Melee Curie


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Mr. Melee Curie
Night Fury
Oliver Twisted
Rebellious MOOSE
Rude Aquakening
Xena Warrior Skateress