August 2012 Skater of the Month


I first started “skating” back in January. Skating in quotations because it was more like awkwardly propelling oneself forward and then falling really, really big. I think it took a month or two to actually start skating. My name is a play on “atomic mass” (in that I-switched-out-the -M’-for-a-’L’-kinda-way; my wit is astounding) and my number is the weight of the uranium used as tamper material in atomic bombs. I adore roller derby; and I can honestly say being a part of SFVRD has changed my life in such a positive way that it would be a disservice not to give it my all.  I really feel at home, on the track, with SFV.  When I’m not derby-ing, you can find me trolling my cats, trolling my roommate, trolling my teammates, not being funny (but I try really hard – I promise), reading, baking vegan goodies, dreaming about Carl Sagan, and not making any sense. Recently, I got accepted to USC as an Economics/Math major so I’ve been practicing my heckling on various Bruins teammates because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?  (UCLA doesn’t have a horse!  )   My main goal in derby is to help take our league as far as it can go which means being an asset. Thus, I love playing ALL the positions (that’s what she said)!  However, I am partial to pivoting. What can I say? I like telling people what to do. Sometimes I’m even right about it!