OG Reseda Wreckers

November 2016 Skater of the Month

Photo by Vegas Shooter Photography

Photo by Vegas Shooter Photography


Tell us about your name
The Tarascan empire is a lesser-known civilization in Western Mexico that existed during the same time as the Aztecs. The Aztecs tried to conquer the Tarascan empire many times but failed due to Tarascans being masters of metallurgy.

I studied Anthropology/ Archaeology in college and thought that the Tarascan empire was the most underrated and badass civilization, so I decided to incorporate them into my derby name.

What position do you play?
I’m primarily a jammer, but I want to be a versatile player that my team can use at any position so I’m always working on my blocking skills. 

Who inspires you on the track?
My dad. He was always into sports and he would have really enjoyed watching me play a contact sport.

What is your favorite derby memory?
My favorite derby memory is playing Sin City with The Wipeouts this year. Nothing’s better than feeling in sync with your team!

August 2016 Skater of the Month

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels


Tell us about your name.
Pink represents feminine power and Assassin because we can attack when least expected. Perfect for roller derby. 

What’s your favorite derby position? 

Who inspires you on the track?
Atomic. Not only her incredible physical strength and skills, but for all she has overcome in her life. She uses her experiences to help others find the strength within themselves.

When you're not on the track, where can we find you?
Toting around my two young daughters, working, the beach, acting a fool with my friends. 

What is your favorite derby memory?
Too many to list! Skating with the OMGs at Dustbowl, playing a bank track game with the Wipeouts, so many parties at Cleo's  ...

Derby has been one of greatest times of my life and I am so grateful for the memories and skills it has given me!

June 2016 Skater of the Month




Tell us about your name.
Growing up, my uncle always called me Ginzu and my boyfriend helped me come up with Gunner and that's how I got my name GuNnEr GinZu!

What’s your favorite derby position?
I love to block! It’s an awesome feeling knowing I can hit people and not get in trouble for it. 

Who inspires you on the track?
Moose! I want to learn to do all the awesome stuff she does on the track, like backwards blocking and doing sweeps! #moosehunt

What is your favorite derby memory?
Last month, when I scrimmaged against another league for the first time. That was when I realized I wanted to continue doing derby for the long run. 

When you're not on the track, where can we find you? 
Skating around the Valley! Attending local (and non-local) events like CicLAvia (pronounced sic-lah-VEE-ya) in order to represent SFV Roller Derby!

January 2016 Skater of the Month

Chuck Gay Photography

Chuck Gay Photography


My name came from my love for Nutella (because I have the biggest sweet-tooth ever), but then I wanted to show my dirty side -- hence "Smutella"! 

I usually play as a jammer and I love it so much! It's weird but I kinda enjoy feeling totally scared and intimidated before jamming, and then just throwing myself out there because I know I'm going to survive it one way or another.

My main goal in derby for 2016 is to improve on my mental game. So much of jamming is all mental and if you don't center yourself, you can't perform well.  

Honestly, Twiggy has inspired me so much on the track. I was always under the impression that I needed to be bigger to be good at roller derby, but then I saw Twiggy kicking ass, quickly juking all around, and squeezing into small holes. I wanted to be just like her!

That actually ties in to one of my favorite derby memories. When I was still a freshie, I stayed to watch as the advanced skaters started warming up on the track and I was completely entranced. They all looked like giants to me, skating so fast and confidently, and I thought I would never get to that level. It wasn't until I looked closer at each skater that I noticed they were all so different -- tall, short, wide, narrow, and everything in between. I realized I had a place here, in this sport, and so many others do too, but they just don't know it yet.

November 2015 Skater of the Month


Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Hello, my name is Dovahkill and I'm addicted to roller derby.

Last year I spent most of my time on the disabled list sitting on the sidelines. I had surgery on my knee and it was kind of sucky. Instead of withdrawing myself from derby because I could not play, I immersed myself even deeper into the derby world!! There is so much to do and learn about this sport without even participating in the hitting aspect, but boy do I enjoy that part!! I started training fresh meat, juniors, and became Head NSO of the league. Once I was able to get back on skates, I had gained so much knowledge from training others and officiating every game, that I came back a smarter and stronger player.

Although surgery was unpleasant, I really appreciate what I learned in that recovery time and would never give that up. At times it can be tiring to have so many responsibilities, but I am so honored to be able to train juniors, fresh meat, and non-skating officials that I wouldn't have it any other way. When they tell me things like I'm their favorite or I inspire them in some way, my heart gets all fluttery. I couldn't do any of these things without all the amazingly strong, supportive, and inspirational women and men in this league. Nothing really compares to the feeling of knowing you have like 100 friends that would do just about anything for you.

I am Dovahkill and I am SFVRD!!!

April 2015 Skater of the Month

When people first hear that my last name is Bonebrake, they usually ask me one of three things: “Is that for real?!”, “You should be a doctor!” or  “You should play roller derby!”.

A little over three years ago, I joined a group of friends to watch a banked track bout and I signed up to be fresh meat at the very next available opportunity.  I only trained with that league for a few months before I finished my MFA in Lighting Design and moved back to Los Angeles.  Upon my return, I contacted a friend of mine from high school who I knew was active in roller derby.  And that’s how Atomic led me to join SFV.

When it came to picking out a derby name, I knew I had to incorporate Bonebrake into it somehow.  I decided to play up the German angle and add some regality to it, hence Countess von Bonebrake.  My number, L789, is actually a theatre/lighting nerd joke.  L789 is the swatch book reference number for a lighting filter called Blood Red.

One of my favorite aspects of roller derby are the people I get to play with.  I’ve been on the Reseda Wreckers for a couple of years now and they are some of my favorite and inspiring players.  I am new to The Wipe Outs, but I am very excited about being part of that group of amazing ladies, and I know that we will be doing some amazing things this year.  I NSO whenever I can because our RefNeck crew is a great group of encouraging and supportive people.

I love roller derby because it is delightful to hip-check your friends, then laugh with them after.


Photo by Chuck Gay Photography

Photo by Chuck Gay Photography

March 2015 Skater of the Month


Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

As the President of SFV Roller Derby, Killo Kitty touches the lives of every adult and junior skater in our league, on and off the track. As our 2015 season gears up, we honor our fearless leader as March’s Skater of the Month. Here are just a few examples of how Killo has influenced our skaters:

She’s who I look up to and want to be like when I grow up. I want to be as strong and unstoppable at everything I put my mind to. Thanks for changing my life Killo Kitty and giving us SFV Roller Derby.
— Tomcat Cruz (skater, the Like OMGs)
Killo Kitty is an inspiration. She is the first person to create an adult league out of a juniors league. She continues to amaze me and steal my heart on and off the track.
— Razorslut (Co-Captain, the Like OMGs)
Killo is an inspiring pioneer and her outlook reminds me that the only limitations we have in life are the ones we put on ourselves. She has truly changed my life and if I could be half the person Killo is, I’ll consider that an amazing accomplishment.
— Little Earthquake (skater, the Fer Sures)
She created this little place of joy for women, and has allowed it to grow and flourish. She tells you, ‘Hey, let’s do this because it’ll be awesome and fun!’ and it ALWAYS IS. And you feel awesome about yourself because of it.
— Mimi Murderface (skater, the Like OMGs)
Killo has done so much for me, I skated under her as a junior for 3 years and then as her teammate when I joined the Like OMGs. She has been an inspiration to me as an athlete, as a business woman, and as a person. Being able to skate with her has been a privilege and honor that has enabled me to succeed in my derby career. Without her influence, I would not be where I am today. Killo is the best.
— Raebies (currently on Denver Roller Derby’s Mile High Club; formerly of the SFV Fast Times and the Like OMGs)
She has literally altered the course of my daughter’s life, and so many other girls’ lives besides. How will they ever be able to accept mediocrity, complacency or defeat? She has created a league of extraordinary girls and women.
— Agony Christie (Co-Captain, the Wipeouts; Mom to Danger Bird)
Killo is a super duper good coach. She never gives up and she never lets you give up. She never lets you down.
— Danger Bird (SFV Gnarlies)

December 2014 Skater Of The Month


Photo by Rottsy Media

Photo by Rottsy Media

Tell us about your name!
My father actually came up with my derby name. I originally wanted Sake Bomb because I wanted something relating to my Japanese heritage. Lucky for me it was already taken because I think that Tokyo Takeout suits my skating style better.

What’s your favorite derby position?
My favorite derby position changes based on who I am playing with and against. I love blocking because it was the first thing I was good at in derby; hitting and positioning myself on the track effectively comes naturally to me because of my soccer and basketball background. The pivot panty makes me think more strategically and forces me to be even more vocal on the track. I like jamming, but I think what we have is more like a tumultuous love affair. I love it but I don’t think it always loves me back. That may be a mental thing.

Any pre-bout rituals?
I don’t drink alcohol a couple days before. I drink a lot of water. I like to lay in bed doing nothing until I have to get ready. Black wingtip eyeliner and my hair in a braid to the right side is a must on game day.

What inspires you on the track?
To be honest, when I first started I struggled to find inspiration on the track other than just trying to not be that one skater who clearly doesn't belong. I don’t feel like I truly blossomed until I joined the Like OMGs and became a coach for the Jawbreakers in the second Freshie Expo Bout. Most importantly, the Balboa Bandits voted me as the team captain and trusted me as a leader to build and structure the team. I realized that what inspires me on the track is inspiring others to reach their potentials. I push myself so that I can push others.

What is your favorite derby memory?
I can’t pick just one, because they are all pieces of my experience. The good, the bad, the happy, the painful (both emotional and physical!), the serenity and the blessing of finding SFV Roller Derby … I can’t appreciate the positive without the negative. The derby community, especially the wonderful women (and men) of SFV Roller Derby, has given me a confidence and a love for myself that I didn't think was possible.

Although travelling to Hawaii and Alaska with my OMGs to play derby is probably more of the answer you are looking for.