THE LIKE OMGS are SFV Roller Derby’s All-Star travel team, featuring the league’s top skaters. Established in 2011, this WFTDA-ranked team regularly plays other competitive leagues, but they don’t just dominate the San Fernando Valley. This impressive group of formidable athletes has traveled all around the globe – from Alaska to Australia and beyond – competing for glory while making the world go OMG!

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Meet the Like OMGs!

Not Pictured:              
                         Coco ButtHer #076
                        Rude aQUAKEning #27
                        Shady Hawkins #934             

SFV Roller Derby presents: SFV THE LIKE OMGs VS THE ANGEL CITY DERBY SHORE SHOTS on 6/23/2018 at The Lot.

Special thanks to Cowen Angus Bailey for the footage!!