Deep beneath the tiled floors of the Westfield Topanga Mall, scrambling below the feet of consumers nibbling on Auntie Em’s pretzels and relaxing in the massage chairs at Brookstone, a mischief of rats planned their glorious uprising.
This pack of fearless rodents found themselves drenched in a mysterious purple goo seeping from the floor grates of the Cinnabun, and were suddenly transformed into larger-than-life creatures with unparalleled aggression, cunning and strength. Instead of using their powers for evil (like their ancestors did with the plague), these unstoppable vermin took on the world of roller derby.
They are THE TOPANGA MAULRATS –– they go fast, they go strong, and they go hard.
Now beginning on the path of inevitable domination of the San Fernando Valley, the Topanga Maulrats have established their nest at The Lot in Sylmar, but the Reseda Wreckers, the Balboa Bandits, and the Van Nuys Valkyries may have some objections to Rats’ assertion of dominion …

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Meet the Topanga Maulrats!



Not Pictured: 

                      Ramona Plowers #668