WEEEEEEEEEEE-OOOOOOOOO-EEEEEEEEEEEE! The bank vault's alarm screams through the silence of the night. A wave of blue skaters zoom out into the night, carrying their bags of loot -- stacks of cash, precious jewels, rare paintings, an adorable puppy or two...

Police cruisers careen around the block, trying to catch those elusive derby girls in blue. Quick as a flash, the girls start juking around the cop cars and take to the open road. It's a high speed chase!

Beauty, brains, and brute force -- THE BALBOA BANDITS!

In a flash of fishnets and leather jackets, the Bandits turn to face their pursuers. Then -- BAM! A jammer wearing a mask breaks through a wall of three cops, escaping easily with a smile on her face. WHAM! The one with the stripe on her helmet manages to knock one unlucky officer right on his back. Before the cops can recover, the Bandits are gone! Nothin' left behind but bruises and a sense of awe at those mysterious ladies.

Now, the Bandits have gotta lay low, wait 'til the heat's off. They think they've found the perfect hideout in Sylmar, but it looks like the Topanga Maulrats, the Reseda Wreckers, and the Van Nuys Valkyries have already laid claim to The Lot. But you better believe the Bandits are going to fight tooth-and-nail for their new home. So much for laying low. 

Check our upcoming bout schedule to see when the Balboa Bandits will next bring the heat!

Meet the Balboa Bandits!

PhDiabla #310, CAPTAIN
Stockholm Syndi #1369, CO-CAPTAIN
American Hurl Doll #83, CO-CAPTAIN

Bunny Wolfer #1212
DeciBelle #1414
Kris of Death #218
IceboxX #2326
Dawnie Darko #2806
Cthu’Lou #32
Legacy #41

Shirley MacPain #424
Hammer of Tor #54
Sigourney Cleaver #5417
Devotchka Rose #707
Countess von Bonebrake #789
Derp #86
Lady MacDeath #8913