November 2014 Skater Of The Month

I ended up at SFV when one of my friends (Bad Lux, now one of my derby wives) walked into a bar that I happened to be at. I asked her why she was so sweaty. “Oh, I just started playing roller derby. You should join!” And let me tell you, I went to one practice and I haven’t stopped since!

I came up with my derby name while watching Absolutely Fabulous with a friend. I stole the Stone part from Pasty Stone since I can relate to her humor and rebellious attitude. Sassy is a nickname my ex-boyfriend’s family gave me. Apparently, I always have smart remarks and witty comebacks. I wanted my name to represent me as a person: funny and witty, but solid as stone. Sassy Stone!

All these years of being a tomboy finally paid off. I’m a total bully on the track! The feeling of knocking someone off their wheels and being a tough cookie is really satisfying.

My favorite memory was the night of tryouts in June. I was looking forward to seeing what level of skater I would be ranked at, and ended up on the OMGs!! It was a total shock because I only been skating for eight months. I was training everyday, off and on the track, and it was the best feeling knowing my hard work paid off. I traveled up to Alaska with my teammates this October, and getting closer to the positive, strong women of SFV Roller Derby has definitely changed my life for the better.

I am truly thankful for SFV. You are stronger than you think. But just remember: NO MERCY!!!