December 2014 Skater Of The Month


Photo by Rottsy Media

Photo by Rottsy Media

Tell us about your name!
My father actually came up with my derby name. I originally wanted Sake Bomb because I wanted something relating to my Japanese heritage. Lucky for me it was already taken because I think that Tokyo Takeout suits my skating style better.

What’s your favorite derby position?
My favorite derby position changes based on who I am playing with and against. I love blocking because it was the first thing I was good at in derby; hitting and positioning myself on the track effectively comes naturally to me because of my soccer and basketball background. The pivot panty makes me think more strategically and forces me to be even more vocal on the track. I like jamming, but I think what we have is more like a tumultuous love affair. I love it but I don’t think it always loves me back. That may be a mental thing.

Any pre-bout rituals?
I don’t drink alcohol a couple days before. I drink a lot of water. I like to lay in bed doing nothing until I have to get ready. Black wingtip eyeliner and my hair in a braid to the right side is a must on game day.

What inspires you on the track?
To be honest, when I first started I struggled to find inspiration on the track other than just trying to not be that one skater who clearly doesn't belong. I don’t feel like I truly blossomed until I joined the Like OMGs and became a coach for the Jawbreakers in the second Freshie Expo Bout. Most importantly, the Balboa Bandits voted me as the team captain and trusted me as a leader to build and structure the team. I realized that what inspires me on the track is inspiring others to reach their potentials. I push myself so that I can push others.

What is your favorite derby memory?
I can’t pick just one, because they are all pieces of my experience. The good, the bad, the happy, the painful (both emotional and physical!), the serenity and the blessing of finding SFV Roller Derby … I can’t appreciate the positive without the negative. The derby community, especially the wonderful women (and men) of SFV Roller Derby, has given me a confidence and a love for myself that I didn't think was possible.

Although travelling to Hawaii and Alaska with my OMGs to play derby is probably more of the answer you are looking for.

November 2014 Skater Of The Month

I ended up at SFV when one of my friends (Bad Lux, now one of my derby wives) walked into a bar that I happened to be at. I asked her why she was so sweaty. “Oh, I just started playing roller derby. You should join!” And let me tell you, I went to one practice and I haven’t stopped since!

I came up with my derby name while watching Absolutely Fabulous with a friend. I stole the Stone part from Pasty Stone since I can relate to her humor and rebellious attitude. Sassy is a nickname my ex-boyfriend’s family gave me. Apparently, I always have smart remarks and witty comebacks. I wanted my name to represent me as a person: funny and witty, but solid as stone. Sassy Stone!

All these years of being a tomboy finally paid off. I’m a total bully on the track! The feeling of knocking someone off their wheels and being a tough cookie is really satisfying.

My favorite memory was the night of tryouts in June. I was looking forward to seeing what level of skater I would be ranked at, and ended up on the OMGs!! It was a total shock because I only been skating for eight months. I was training everyday, off and on the track, and it was the best feeling knowing my hard work paid off. I traveled up to Alaska with my teammates this October, and getting closer to the positive, strong women of SFV Roller Derby has definitely changed my life for the better.

I am truly thankful for SFV. You are stronger than you think. But just remember: NO MERCY!!!



October 2014 Skater Of The Month


Photo by TheSteelShark.com

Photo by TheSteelShark.com

Tell us about your name
I am a fan of the Thor comics (and the franchise too, I guess), and I lived this this ridiculous Thor shirt. I wore it whenever I could. With that being said, one day my friend Chris saw me in the shirt and yelled, “By the Hammer of Tor!!!” as he hit the ground with his fist. I was in stitches. He told me that should be my derby name. My number is 54k which is the temperature of lightning when it strikes. I am committed to the God of Thunder obviously.

What position do you like to play?
I love jamming the most. It is so gratifying to push a wall out of play or find that sweet spot that helps me get through the pack. Also, DUH, making all the points is the best feeling ever!! However, blocking is pretty cool too, and I want to improve my skills in that as well.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
There are so many good memories! SFV is really so amazing. My favorite memory thus far was in the last Summer resh Meat Expo when I was a jammer, got lead, and scored  20 points. To top it off, my team took home the victory! It felt really good to know that I contributed to our victory. All the feels for that bout!

September 2014 Skater Of The Month



Tell us about your name
I knew I wanted my derby name to play on an old Hollywood actress and Rita Hayworth was the first one that came to mind.

What position do you like to play?
really like to pivot. It makes me pay more attention to everything happening on the track.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
My very first practice. I had never skated before and basically just fell a lot for 2 straight hours. By the time that practice was over, I knew I was home, knew that I could be stronger every time I skated and that I was surrounded by the most encouraging women I had ever met.

Who inspires you? 
I have a ton of derby crushes, our league is full of inspiring skaters, but Agony Christie introduced me to derby and has always pushed me to give it my all.

August 2014 Skater Of The Month



Tell us about your name
I’ve always like the word “Lux”, which is tin for “light” (nd I dig The Cramp). I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my derby name somehow, but had no idea what to add. I put it off for so long, Atomic gave me a deadline to decide or els y name would be “She Who Should Not be Named”.  I summoned the help of friends and family and my sister came up with Bad Lux. I liked it right away because of the play on “Bad Luck” and I tend to be superstitious. But shout out to my Mom, who was really pushing for “Kick-Kass” — or even better “Kass-a-Rolly”!

What position do you like to play?
I really like jamming! I love the adrenaline rush I get from being on that jam line waiting to charge at the sound of the whistle. I’ve also been practicing on my blocking skills so I can hit harder and work on strategy.

What made you start playing roller derby?
I saw a friend post about her first practice playing Roller Derby with other Fresh Meat. I was thrilled to find out there was a league here in the Valley. I jumped right on it and emailed recruiting that night. I’ve been smelling like cheese and in love ever since! (Cheese reminds me of pizza. I love pizza. Coincidence??)

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
I have so many good memories but I’m still high from RollerCon! Just being surrounded by so many people who are passionate about the sport was super inspiring. Watching high level derby with my team mates totally motivated me to push harder and strive to be a better skater!

Any pre-bout rituals?
My pre-bout ritual is pretty simple. First, I surround myself in a protective circle of 13 candles. Once they are all lit, I pray to the Derby Gods to shine their light upon me. Nothing crazy or anything. <3

July 2014 Skater Of The Month


Tell us about your name
In January, I received an unmarked letter in my mailbox. When I opened it, it was the last will and testament of Hunter S. Thompson, in which he stated his two final wishes. One, that his ashes be shot out of a cannon upon his death and, two, that I take up roller derby and adopt the name “Agony Christie.”

What position do you like to play?
I love jamming. I’m drawn to anything that gives me a chance to push myself to my limits. At the same time, a jammer is nothing without her blockers. Jamming forces me to look outside of my self and really be part of a team.

Who inspires you?
Seriously, everything inspires me. Some of my most inspired moments have been crying after a bad practice. I revel in how weak I feel at the moment, how far I’ve come, and how brave I am for pushing through my weakness. I’m inspired by the girls and women I skate with. Most of all, I’m inspired by husband and daughters, who are always looking up to me and always rooting for me.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
I had the privilege of designing the logo for my team, the Bandits. Skating out with those girls in our awesome shirts, playing our first ever bout as a team, was amazing. I was just so proud and confident in what we are building together. Even after we fell to the Maulrats, that feeling just never subsided. We were just all so excited for each other. Truly, amazing.


June 2014 Skater of the Month


There was one practice, back when I first started with SFVRD, where I was the only First Dater brave enough to show up to practice with the rest of the league. I felt nervous and excited to skate with the big girls for the first time, but the feeling soon turned to horror.

I was slow. Everyone had to wait around for me to finish the drill before moving on. I couldn’t stay on my skates. During scrimmage, I kept on getting separated from the pack and could not catch up. I just wanted to go to my car and cry.

But as we we’re gearing down, people made a point to come up and compliment me. Good hustle out there! You did a lot better than I did my first practice. You’re doing so much better! Keep it up!

I still went to my car and cried. Only it wasn’t about self-pity or frustration. I was overwhelmed by how much my league cared about me, how accepting and encouraging the sport of roller derby could be to a newbie. Skaters that I had never spoken to before went out of their way to say a kind word to a girl who wasn’t even sure she belonged there.

I think this was the moment that Shirley MacPain was born.

Shirley MacPain is braver than I am. She recognizes the importance of having fun in the face of failure. She can laugh at her mistakes and focus on whatever minuscule progress made rather than any shortcomings. She’s optimistic and patient, and what’s more, she’s crossed the line into my non-derby life.

Derby has made me into a better person. I feel more hopeful about my everyday life. I find myself biting back a snarky remark to say something encouraging instead. I ask a bunch of questions without worrying about how stupid I sound because it is so important to learn all the things.

But it is my league that taught me to be less cynical. That perhaps people are actually rooting for me instead of snickering at me behind my back. Even if I still can’t transition on my bad side going at pack speed, my teammates might feel legitimately proud when I hit someone out (ALL THE WAY OUT) without falling over or going out myself.

My league encourages me never to give up and to keep going. When I somehow manage to get lead while jamming and I hear my derby sisters cheer, I feel my soul lighten just a little. I’m thankful I didn’t let that one bad practice define me.

And because of that, my alter ego will always be there to take the track with a huge smile.

May 2014 Skater Of The Month


What position do you like to play?
I really enjoy the teamwork aspect of blocking (and being used as a human cannonball), but I’d have to say that I get to utilize my strengths of speed and endurance more as a jammer.

What inspires you?
I grew up playing competitive sports, but there’s really nothing like roller derby, so I’ve approached this game with the mantra, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” That attitude means putting your big girl panty on without hesitation and just going for it even if you don’t think you have all of the skills yet, because ultimately that confidence will translate into success.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
Who can choose just one? On the track, it would have to be when I was jamming in the MARVELous vs. DC-aptitators game and scored 19 points. I wasn’t even anticipating jamming in that bout, so I exceeded my own expectations and helped our team close the scoring gap and gain momentum. Off the track, it would have to be when my husband (aka Jams’ derby widow) showed up to The Lot for the first time and exclaimed, “My wife is going to die.” And, of course, the relationships I’ve built with my DFFs in the league who have gone on this crazy journey with me from the beginning.

Where would we find you off the track?
I’m a workaholic, so probably with my face buried in my laptop or on the phone. But if I’m not working or at derby practice, you might find me running, hiking, spending time with family, or watching incredibly mind-numbing reality television.