OG Topanga Maulrats

December 2016 Skater of the Month


Who are you?
I'm a blocker!  I love the challenge of not allowing anyone to get by me. But now, I’m also a trainer, helping teach the Fresh Meat to skate and scrimmage, both the adults and juniors. 

Tell us about your name.
Appearances are deceiving. I'm always teased about looking quiet and sweet, but in reality my halo is held up by devil horns! 😈😈😈 My number represents my dad's birthdate who died of cancer but I know he's always with me when I'm skating. 

Who is your derby inspiration?
Moose always inspires me to be better. From the very beginning, her voice is a voice I could hear above all the others. She has been such a rock whenever I've needed support and encouragement. Moose knows exactly how much to push a person to reach their limits and she never lets you give up.

What’s your favorite derby memory?
My very first advanced scrimmage, I got teamed up with Saturday and Legs and —WOW! — the communication between those two!  They told me exactly where to go, what to do, when they were going to throw me into the jammer … all the while, I somehow managed to stay on my skates and keep up. It was such a great feeling of accomplishment and teamwork.  

March 2016 Skater of the Month


Tell us about your name.
My derby name comes from "Little Earthquakes" which is the title to an album and song by Tori Amos whose been a huge influence.  I think the song itself mirrors derby.  There are many moving parts that can completely tear us down if we let it, but we persevere and sometimes laugh in the wake of destruction.  There's something almost masochistic about derby, but it shows us a lot about ourselves, and it sure is fun!  My derby name reminds me to always be me no matter what and that "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."  Even a Little Earthquake can shake things up a bit!

What’s your favorite derby position?
Jamming and I have a rough relationship sometimes, but it's my favorite position because it really pushes me.  It activates a hungry, little beast in me which I like.  To be tenacious and break through a tough wall is exhilarating.  Even if I don't break through, knowing I gave it my best matters and makes me want to try harder the next time.  All of the things that go into one jam is pretty intense.  "A jammer defies the odds," as Twiggy once told me.  I like to keep those words in my back booty-shorts pocket while I jam.  Thanks, Twiggy!

Who/what inspires you on the track?
EVERY.  SINGLE.  LEAGUEMATE.  I learn from everyone that I watch and play with - my trainers, my teammates, and especially the juniors.  Those littles are fearless and can teach us all a thing or two!  SFVRD, in general, is inspiring. 

What is your favorite derby memory?
There are SO MANY, but here are 3: 

1. During a juniors practice, I worked one-on-one with a new skater who was having a really rough time and spent the first half of practice in tears wanting to quit.  By the end I had her skating on her own and laughing.  It brought me so much joy to have that type of an impact on someone.

2. I got voted as co-captain for one of our freshie expo teams, The Astronaughties, which was a huge honor.  During that bout, I got launched off my skates and into the air to where I felt like I needed a parachute before slow-motion landing in the center of the track.  I really wish I knew who hit me.  It was epic!

3)  On my very first outdoor skate with a couple of our league sisters, I skated with my derby wife for the first time (before she was my wifey, of course).  She showed up in a Wonder Woman outfit and cape and I thought, "Who the heck is this chick??" It was derby love at first sight.

What are you?
A little dweeb with a big heart who will always bleed blue and green.

June 2015 Skater of the Month


Tell us about your name.
I have always been fascinated with aircraft and I love going to air shows. There is something thrilling about flying and the speed, agility, and stealth of aircraft. My favorite planes are from the World War II era. I chose my name after the WWII fighter plane the Warhawk P40.

What position do you like to play?
Blocker! Jamming is fun, too, but I like to hit people. Blocking has taught me to be patient, to trust my team, and to learn to communicate effectively. I am learning more and more every practice.

What made you start playing roller derby?
This month two years ago, I had made huge life changes and I needed a hobby and a  stress release to take my mind off of what was going on. Derby gave me something to think about and feel good about. It boosted my self esteem, gave me new friends, and a really nice butt! Next month (July 2015), I will celebrate my two year derbyversary!

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
My favorite derby memory is when I carpooled with Jams Dean, Bratty Heart, and Eleanor Throwsevelt to our very first Maulrats game. We arrived SO early, the Lot wasn't even open yet. We sat in the car, got out the nerves, and laughed at everything.

Pre-bout ritual?
I like to chill the day of the bout. This means listening to my favorite jams, random stretching, and drinking tons of water. I try to make sure no matter what to have fun and GO HARD because to me, that's all that matters. 


Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

January 2015 Skater of the Month


Photo by ConJobb Photos

Photo by ConJobb Photos

Tell us about your name
I’m a bit of a metal head and one of my favorite bands is a cartoon band named Dethklok, from the show Metalocalypse. I wanted to pick somethin’ scary & intimidating. 

What’s your favorite derby position?
My favorite derby position is definitely a blocker! Working with my other blockers is extremely rewarding.

What inspires you on the track?
My biggest derby inspiration has to be all the strong, hard-working women I skate with in this league … INCLUDING our freshies! Watching the passion that this sport gives to so many is what keeps me falling in love with this whole experience.

What is your favorite derby memory?
One of my favorite memories has to be from one of our first games as a league in Tulare 2012. I was so nervous and scared when we lined up on the pivot line (cause THATS where we lined up in those days). Next to me was a sweet girl from the opposing team who turned to me and said “Hey, I really like your name!” I wanted to hide my nerves with some false confidence so my answer to her was “Thank you! But you’re not gonna like it in a minute.”

Any pre-bout rituals?
Usually relaxing most the day, making sure I eat a good breakfast and listening to loud inspirational metal. It gets me in game mode.

November 2014 Skater Of The Month

I ended up at SFV when one of my friends (Bad Lux, now one of my derby wives) walked into a bar that I happened to be at. I asked her why she was so sweaty. “Oh, I just started playing roller derby. You should join!” And let me tell you, I went to one practice and I haven’t stopped since!

I came up with my derby name while watching Absolutely Fabulous with a friend. I stole the Stone part from Pasty Stone since I can relate to her humor and rebellious attitude. Sassy is a nickname my ex-boyfriend’s family gave me. Apparently, I always have smart remarks and witty comebacks. I wanted my name to represent me as a person: funny and witty, but solid as stone. Sassy Stone!

All these years of being a tomboy finally paid off. I’m a total bully on the track! The feeling of knocking someone off their wheels and being a tough cookie is really satisfying.

My favorite memory was the night of tryouts in June. I was looking forward to seeing what level of skater I would be ranked at, and ended up on the OMGs!! It was a total shock because I only been skating for eight months. I was training everyday, off and on the track, and it was the best feeling knowing my hard work paid off. I traveled up to Alaska with my teammates this October, and getting closer to the positive, strong women of SFV Roller Derby has definitely changed my life for the better.

I am truly thankful for SFV. You are stronger than you think. But just remember: NO MERCY!!!



August 2014 Skater Of The Month



Tell us about your name
I’ve always like the word “Lux”, which is tin for “light” (nd I dig The Cramp). I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my derby name somehow, but had no idea what to add. I put it off for so long, Atomic gave me a deadline to decide or els y name would be “She Who Should Not be Named”.  I summoned the help of friends and family and my sister came up with Bad Lux. I liked it right away because of the play on “Bad Luck” and I tend to be superstitious. But shout out to my Mom, who was really pushing for “Kick-Kass” — or even better “Kass-a-Rolly”!

What position do you like to play?
I really like jamming! I love the adrenaline rush I get from being on that jam line waiting to charge at the sound of the whistle. I’ve also been practicing on my blocking skills so I can hit harder and work on strategy.

What made you start playing roller derby?
I saw a friend post about her first practice playing Roller Derby with other Fresh Meat. I was thrilled to find out there was a league here in the Valley. I jumped right on it and emailed recruiting that night. I’ve been smelling like cheese and in love ever since! (Cheese reminds me of pizza. I love pizza. Coincidence??)

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
I have so many good memories but I’m still high from RollerCon! Just being surrounded by so many people who are passionate about the sport was super inspiring. Watching high level derby with my team mates totally motivated me to push harder and strive to be a better skater!

Any pre-bout rituals?
My pre-bout ritual is pretty simple. First, I surround myself in a protective circle of 13 candles. Once they are all lit, I pray to the Derby Gods to shine their light upon me. Nothing crazy or anything. <3

May 2014 Skater Of The Month


What position do you like to play?
I really enjoy the teamwork aspect of blocking (and being used as a human cannonball), but I’d have to say that I get to utilize my strengths of speed and endurance more as a jammer.

What inspires you?
I grew up playing competitive sports, but there’s really nothing like roller derby, so I’ve approached this game with the mantra, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” That attitude means putting your big girl panty on without hesitation and just going for it even if you don’t think you have all of the skills yet, because ultimately that confidence will translate into success.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
Who can choose just one? On the track, it would have to be when I was jamming in the MARVELous vs. DC-aptitators game and scored 19 points. I wasn’t even anticipating jamming in that bout, so I exceeded my own expectations and helped our team close the scoring gap and gain momentum. Off the track, it would have to be when my husband (aka Jams’ derby widow) showed up to The Lot for the first time and exclaimed, “My wife is going to die.” And, of course, the relationships I’ve built with my DFFs in the league who have gone on this crazy journey with me from the beginning.

Where would we find you off the track?
I’m a workaholic, so probably with my face buried in my laptop or on the phone. But if I’m not working or at derby practice, you might find me running, hiking, spending time with family, or watching incredibly mind-numbing reality television.

March 2014 Skater Of The Month


Photo by ConnJobb Photos

Photo by ConnJobb Photos

What does your name mean?
It’s a play on Ferris Bueller because who doesn’t love a good day off & a few shenanigans!

Also, it’s a reminder to be fearless and keep pushing. When I made the decision to play roller derby 4 years ago, I had a broken arm and didn’t even know how to skate. I had a lot to learn & a lot to overcome before I ever got on the track.

What position in Derby do you like to play?
I’m most comfortable and happy as a Pivot/Blocker. I love the strategy of the game, taking charge and controlling the pack.

But I’ve also been known to use that knowledge to help get me through the pack as a Jammer from time to time.

Do you have other hobbies or play other sports?
Reading and photography is generally what you’ll find me doing if I don’t have skates on. I’ve never played team sports or been very athletic. That was another reason Roller Derby was such a challenge for me. But the harder you have to work for something, the better it feels when you achieve it.

What are some of your goals for roller derby?
Personally, I want to keep progressing as skater, push myself to learn new skills, and be an asset in every position on the track.

As part of SFV, I want to help my team work together and be a legitimate force on the track in WFTDA play. I want to help my league succeed & continue to be a place where skaters find a home that has challenging game play but also a ridiculous amount of fun.
For the sport as a whole, I want to see it keep growing on a public & professional scale. And I want to do my part to help that happen.