February 2014 Skater Of The Month


Photo by Shannon Monasmith Photography

Photo by Shannon Monasmith Photography

What does your name mean?
It means “Mother of the Dead”. Once I started the First Date program everyone started calling me “Mama” because I have two awesome babies and I tend to be encouraging to others. I wanted something a bit more menacing AND I’m in love with all things Dia de Los Muertos,  so MAMA de Los Muertos worked.

What position in Derby do you like to play?
I tend to talk … A LOT. ALL the time, and I am good at hitting people sometimes, so pivot and blocker are what I am more naturally inclined towards. But I want to learn to jam as well!

How long have you been skating?
I started in the fall. I was four months postpartum and didn’t know how to skate. I still have many areas of opportunity to build my skills but I’ve been working so hard and come so far from that point.

Do you have other hobbies or play other sports?
My calling in life is to be a mama and support other women. I am a birth doula, which means I support women through child birth with information, education, emotional and physical support.  It’s AMAZING! But besides cheerleading in high school, derby is my first team sport.

What are some of your goals for roller derby?
I want to have a healthy, strong, able body that allows me to enjoy an adventurous life with my family until the moment I die. In derby, I have found a true reason to push myself harder. First goal? Pass WFTDA. Then continue to show up, work hard, get up fast every time I fall, keep my mouth shut and my ears open to soak in every bit of wisdom around me and never accept “good enough” as good enough. I want to suck less every day. Oh, and LATERALS!