August 2013 Skater Of The Month


Photo by ConJobb Photos

Photo by ConJobb Photos

It’s Friday night again and that can only mean one thing — Roller Derby practice.

The clock strikes 8 and we’re called onto the track. The first whistle is blown. SPRINT!

I move my feet and try to keep myself focused. You can do this … Cross over … Don’t stop moving your feet … Hustle … Pass someone … Move your goddamn feet!

My feet move too quick that they tangle together. Then I stumble to the ground. It’s okay, I convince myself. Just get up quick. No one is looking. It’s just you. You got this! It’s just you on the track, Moose. You got this!

My name is Moose. Rebellious Moose. I’m a believer of rebelling against oppressive societies and have been given the name “Moose” since I was about 13 years old. “Moose” followed me throughout middle school, high school, and even my adulthood life. It’s simply a nickname that I have grown to love.

Since I first began skating in July of 2012, I feel I have finally begun to comprehend how to use my hitting skills during scrimmages and actually follow through. Even though I am still unsure as to where my preferred position is on the track -- jammer, blocker, or pivot -- every practice helps me get through life.

And when I’m not skating, I am writing, designing flyers, making jewelry, sewing, screen printing, knitting, crocheting, painting -- basically doing anything artsy or crafty.

My main goal for roller derby is to someday play like the SFVRD Juniors because just like my other hobbies, I skate to escape. And if I ever skate like they do, my mind would simply escape to a better world.