July 2013 Skater of the Month


What does your name mean?
I felt like Sage Fright suited me a lot not only because my name is Sage, I really liked it because I do get really bad stage fright, test anxiety, social anxiety… you name it, put me in front of an audience of any kind and I’m kind of guaranteed to be at least a little freaked out, whether I show it or not. Why it’s meaningful to me as a derby name has a lot more to do with how derby and the league have helped me work through these issues. Previous to starting derby I could barely bring myself to speak up in a classroom without spending a good portion of the rest of the day horrified, shaking, and rethinking the situation too many different ways. I really want to become a teacher someday so it’s kind of a scary thing for me that this might continue. After I started derby, this changed, not immediately, but while working with the league and building the confidence to express myself I have been able to approach tons of situations I had difficulties with before with confidence. It still amazes me what I can do now, the things I am able to pursue thanks to derby.

What position in derby do you like to play?
I like jamming quite a bit because it always makes me feel like I should be trying harder. For me I love challenging myself to do more and get better. I’m not a terribly confident person so I admit sometimes I don’t really think it’s possible but I don’t want to stop trying even if it’s impossible. I want to work harder on blocking too because I don’t like feeling limited.

What are some of your goals for roller derby?
My goal with derby is to go as far as I can, I don’t know how good I can get at it with my current abilities and I want to keep going until I find out.