July 2014 Skater Of The Month


Tell us about your name
In January, I received an unmarked letter in my mailbox. When I opened it, it was the last will and testament of Hunter S. Thompson, in which he stated his two final wishes. One, that his ashes be shot out of a cannon upon his death and, two, that I take up roller derby and adopt the name “Agony Christie.”

What position do you like to play?
I love jamming. I’m drawn to anything that gives me a chance to push myself to my limits. At the same time, a jammer is nothing without her blockers. Jamming forces me to look outside of my self and really be part of a team.

Who inspires you?
Seriously, everything inspires me. Some of my most inspired moments have been crying after a bad practice. I revel in how weak I feel at the moment, how far I’ve come, and how brave I am for pushing through my weakness. I’m inspired by the girls and women I skate with. Most of all, I’m inspired by husband and daughters, who are always looking up to me and always rooting for me.

What is your favorite derby memory so far?
I had the privilege of designing the logo for my team, the Bandits. Skating out with those girls in our awesome shirts, playing our first ever bout as a team, was amazing. I was just so proud and confident in what we are building together. Even after we fell to the Maulrats, that feeling just never subsided. We were just all so excited for each other. Truly, amazing.