November 2013 Skater Of The Month


What does your name mean?

I went through LISTS of possible names before I finally felt Lipstick VENDETTA was right for me. Lipstick for the girly side of me, and VENDETTA because when I started I thought I had something to prove to someone else. I ended up proving a lot to myself and realizing that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I am a lot stronger, more determined and more confident than I have ever been in my entire life.

What position in Derby do you like to play?

I don’t have a preferred position just yet, jamming is fun because you are being hunted and blocking is fun because you are the hunter. The masochist in me just likes being hit. To tell you the truth, my favorite thing right now is jumping, like full speed high jumps. I want to jump over everything.  There is a rush of uncertain death just before your feet take off. I. Freaking. Love. It.

What are some of your goals for roller derby?

My goal right now is to do my team right. I want to play smart, transition well, hit hard and be effective on the track.  I want to earn my place and make it count. When I first started, I remember overhearing some of the veteran skaters speak about the opposing team’s skaters and they were naming off the people “to watch out for.”  I’m determined to put in some major work because eventually I want to be someone that the other teams need to watch out for.  BOOM!

Skating has completely changed my attitude and my heart for the better. I am proud to be part of the San Fernando Valley Roller Derby League.  I am proud to bleed blue and green.