April 2017 Skater of the Month

Tell us about your name.
As a kid, I thought Icebox from The Little Giants was really cool.

What position do you play?
I'm a blocker who jams here and there, but I try to be an all-around solid skater. As a blocker, I want the be that pain in the ass that you just can't push around. As a jammer, I want mad footwork skills where I'm slick and agile!

Who inspires you on the track?
My First Date trainer Buckingham Malice inspired me to get into "derby shape". My starter pack -- Meow, Slick, Ritz, Cleaver, Venus, Fudge, and Fury -- we started together and we keep each other going! And I love my Bandits, especially Captain PhDiabla.

What is your favorite derby memory?
In the last Bandits bout, I was the jamming for the last jam of the night. One of the Valkyrie blockers hit me out but got a forearm penalty, so I immediately jumped back on the track and pushed through the pack. Then there was some confusion -- I got called on a cut but the ref realized he made the wrong call and waved me back on the track, then my entire bench started yelling at me to re-enter legally! Talk about going out with a bang! #pewpew