July 2016 Skater of the Month


Tell us about your name.
I've loved skating since I was a kid, and my parents used to say that I looked like a "diabla" (devil) on wheels because I was pretty fearless, or perhaps reckless, on my skates. And the "PhD" part is motivation for finishing my dissertation -- who wants to change their derby name because they didn't graduate? Psshhh -- not this gal!

What’s your favorite derby position?
Blocking - hands (or forearms and elbows) down!

Who and what inspires you on the track?
In all things, I am driven by the desire to be better than I was yesterday! Nothing bums me out more than stagnation and complacency, so I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and to be a part of my team's improvement. Play hard, stay humble!

In life -- my parents. They've worked so hard to give me so many opportunities. I always work to be the best version of myself to make them proud. And my husband, who inspires me to keep trying different possibilities when something doesn't quite work out the way I'd hoped.

And in derby -- my teammates on the Like OMGs constantly motivate me by bringing 110% to the track. And I'm convinced Killo Kitty can accomplish anything she sets out to do; if she wants something that doesn't exist yet, she'll just go out and create it! My home team, the Balboa Bandits, inspire me to be better by believing and trusting in me as their captain, and they constantly remind me that derby is, above all things, fun! 

What is your favorite derby memory?
Traveling to New Orleans with the Like OMGs this past February. I got to share my favorite city with my teammates and we came home with two hard fought wins! Team bonding and great derby -- what more could I possibly ask for?

When you're not on the track, where can we find you? 
I'm a history buff, so you can find me in an archive, visiting historic sites, volunteering for the San Fernando Valley Historical Society, and occasionally at my desk and working on my dissertation. Otherwise, you can catch me reading or making some kind of ambitious travel plans.

Photo by Jon Cobb

Photo by Jon Cobb

Photo by Chuck Gay Photography

Photo by Chuck Gay Photography

SFV Roller Derby

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