October 2017 Skater of the Month

Photo by Chuck Gay Photography

Photo by Chuck Gay Photography


Tell us about your name.
I really wanted a name that evoked a sense of strength and confidence. I happened to be scrolling through Hulu and saw Xena, and I knew instantly that it was meant to be. Xena is the strong, independent badass that I strive to be! But I still binged it for a week, just to be sure. 

What position do you play?
Primarily blocking. I love to jam, but I am not particularly great at it. Yet. 

What are your derby goals?
Getting back on the track healthy and learning some fancy footwork from my amazing teammates.

Who inspires you on the track?
My trainers have really been my greatest inspiration. Derp, Dovah, Slam, Moose, and HardLee have pushed and supported me and always make me feel like I can do this. Let’s be honest, roller derby is hard and scary as hell. Having people behind you who take the time to help you with skills and who get you out of your head is amazing. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

What is your favorite derby memory?
My first Freshie Bout -- The Super Smash Sisters versus The Street Fight-Hers. I surprised myself with some of the fancy moves I pulled, especially while jamming (I even scored points!). My family and friends showed up to support me and were the best cheering section I could ask for. And then my team won! I was on a high for days because I finally felt like roller derby was something I could do and maybe even be good at.