September 2017 Skater of the Month


Tell us about your name.
My profession leaves me with zero ounce of creativity so I used one of my three lifelines and Called A Friend. All the credit belongs to her for my derby name. 

What position do you play? What are your derby goals? 
I'm a blocker. It is such a dynamic position. You have to know where everyone is and try to anticipate where the jammer is heading to cut her off at the pass and simultaneously know where your jammer is and determine if and when help is needed. It really is all about timing. And it's fun to hit your friends and laugh about it. I'm working towards being a pivot because it requires so much mental agility, switching from defense to offense at the drop of a dime. I really just want to be a jammer's worst nightmare. 

Who inspires you on the track? 
Earlier this year, I was getting discouraged with derby and with having suffered an injury early in the season. I came back to derby a couple of months ago and ever since making the Wipe Outs, Derp has helped to reinvigorate my love of derby. Her leadership and care has really brought me back to center. I couldn't have wished for a better team Captain.  

What is your favorite derby memory? 
So many memories that brings a smile to my RBF. The one that stand out the most has to be when I passed my laps during WFTDA assessments. The weeks leading up to it, I had fallen at least once during my laps like clockwork. This weighed on my mind as I was skating those dreaded 5 minutes. But in the end, I finished my laps and DIDN'T fall! It was amazing. Playing with the Ghoul Scouts in one of the Freshie bouts showed me the love the derby community has for each other. My teammates were amazing. The coaches (Stockholm and Maya) were nurturing yet knowing when to push each and every one of us. Oh and winning in the last jam by 3 points didn't hurt either! I can't wait to add more wonderful memories as I continue my derby journey.