November 2017 Skater of the Month

Tell us about your name
I used to go by Tankgrrrl. I changed it because I didn't feel like the name fit me anymore. I like to think that I've grown as a person and a skater, so the change just felt right. I was driving back from practice one night, listening to Lana Del Rey's album Born to Die, and the name just popped into my head.

What are your derby goals?
My goals are to be on a WFTDA charter team and play derby in another country.

Who/what inspires you on the track?
My skate mentors, TerribleTues and Michael, both put so much time and effort into teaching me, so I really just want to make them proud. When I started this whole derby thing, it took me weeks before I could even stand on my skates for more than a few seconds. As tiring as I know it was to watch, they never gave up on me. 

What is your favorite derby memory?
After tryouts earlier this year, I felt like a failure. My goal was to make it to the Wipeouts, but I honestly thought I was going to be booted from the subpool completely. Then I got the notice a few days later that I made my goal! I made Wipeout!! I was super jazzed about it, then, a week later, I broke my arm and couldn't skate. So it was a rocky start to the year, to say the least.

Since then, I have played in more games than I think I ever have before, made awesome and amazing friends, reached countless goals I had set for myself, and even played in a tournament on the other side of the country. I've played for several teams and leagues since I started skating and never have I felt more part of a team, or more at home, than with the Wipeouts.


Photo by Down'n'Out Photography

Photo by Down'n'Out Photography