July 2012 Skater of the Month


I started skating a little over 3 months ago. Before then I had not been on skates since I was about 6. The amazing training team and other players have been amazing in teaching me the ways of roller derby and I cannot wait for my body to start to listen to my brain while on skates. I really enjoy jamming (although that might be because I am still working on understanding strategy better, so with jamming I know exactly what I need to be doing). Honestly though, I just love skating and being with the team learning. I started roller derby because I needed some sort of exercise in my life, and the gym wasn’t cutting it. Now I practice a ton so I can pass my WFTDA’s and start to help my team by playing in games. I’ve played a few sports off and on, but nothing real until derby. My parents are really enjoying cheering me on, which is one of my favorite parts. One of my favorite things about this league is how fast they allow you to be part of it. I jumped in and was welcomed with open arms, and even blog once a month for our blog which has been really rewarding. I had been searching a long time to find my “place” and I know I found it here. The people are amazing and I am just grateful to get to tie my skates on each practice!