SFVRD Gives Back: Skaters Volunteer at the SFV Rescue Mission

By Oxymormon, Community Service Head 

On April 17th, SFVRD hosted dinner for approximately 30 homeless guests of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, which serves families throughout the region. The facility is an emergency shelter and the guests must have one child, either biological or be acting as their guardian, in order to stay in the shelter for 90 days. 50% of the shelter guests are 12 years and younger. They receive two meals (breakfast and dinner), a shower, counseling, and they are required to save 80% of any income they receive. Volunteers and shelter staff also assist children with their homework.

The day that the SFVRD skaters visited, shelter guests had had a long day since it was Spring Break, so SFVRD volunteers played with the kids outside while others prepared the food. We served the families Carnitas, which was a real treat for them. The shelter Manager, Aaron Schmidt, gave us a tour of the facility and assisted with the food preparation. We had the opportunity to eat dinner with the families and got to know some of kids and parents. It was definitely a great experience to give back and they appreciated it too.

A special thanks to Nancy Pitufa, Kat Von Reap, Killo Kitty, Evilyn Mind and her daughter, Brianna, for volunteering their time and lending their support to  the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

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