Fresh Meat Expo Bout: Jawbreakers are Team Dream Killers

This summer's Fresh Meat Expo Bout was incredible! The Jawbreakers, led by Coaches Tokyo Takeout and Maya Prerogative, took on The Hell-Raising Heathers, led by Coaches Mimi Murderface and Kat von Reap, and proved that they are in fact the team dream killers, spoon gaggers, and the meanest girls on the block with a final score of 244-228. These dedicated skaters demonstrated that SFVRD has a bright future with so much talent moving up the ranks. Here are some retrospectives by the Captains of both teams:

By Tour de Franzia, The Hell-Raising Heathers
Trying to meet new people is frightening enough. Now, try meeting new people while you’re flying around a track hitting each other. Then, learn that you’re invited to play all these new friends in an actual game against each other. It all sounds pretty scary, but that’s what happened on June 20, 2014. I’m proud to say that I got to be the Captain of The Hell-raising Heathers for this momentous occasion.
As a somewhat experienced player that is very new to flat track, my pre-game jitters are pretty small. However, I understand what these new players felt all too well. I had the privilege of seeing these women progress from relatively new recruits to the confident, wonderful skaters that they have become. The Hell-raising Heathers had the odds stacked against them, playing with a roster mostly comprised of new skaters to our league. They played against two Like OMG players and a couple of Wipe Outs, but still managed to keep a very minimal point differential. They put in the time to learn the rules and practice together, which enabled us to play hard and smart and give 110%, showing everyone just what new SFVRD skaters are made of.
The Hell-raising Heathers may have been comprised mostly of new players, but we had heart and passion to give it everything. I personally witnessed the looks of fear melt away from their faces into looks of determination and purpose. I know with the utmost of certainty that this team will progress to be the future stars of SFVRD.

By AmericanHurl Doll, Jawbreakers
What an amazing experience the Freshie Expo Bout was for us newbies! The excitement was a slow build for the past few months, ever since many of us new skaters heard that we were participating in this epic event. The daytime tryouts were grueling in the heat with some girls vomiting and suffering heat exhaustion and the first scrimmage tryout was a mass of confusion with flailing arms and falling bodies! The teams were divided, Jawbreakers vs. The Hell-Raising Heathers, rosters were created, and for many of us, we finally got to feel included and part of a team. Our derby dreams were close to becoming a reality!

I was truly honored to be selected as Captain by my Jawbreaker teammates and I cherish the experience and friendships we formed. We had fun behind-the-scenes in our Facebook group inspiring each other, joking around, calming one another’s worries, and just overall bonding as a unit. We were led by our fearless and swoony coaches, Tokyo Take-Out and Maya Perogative, who kept us focused, gave us guidance, and shared with us their knowledge of derby. Although we had only two official Jawbreakers practices and one scrimmage together, we all made every effort to be a strong presence at every Thursday night scrimmage to get that extra playing experience and I believe it truly made a difference.

Game night we were primed, pumped, and ready to rock it. The fans came out in droves, standing room only. They were loud, excited, and ready to see many of us play derby for the very first time which added to our intensity level and I saw the eye of the tiger in each and every one of my teammates as I high-fived them. We were super-energized and our fears were pushed aside. We were a team and we were ready to do this thing. Coaches Tokyo and Maya kept us calm, centered, and constantly reminded us of our tasks: listen, look up, maintain our walls, help for five, stay with a buddy, and play smart. It was an action-packed and very close battle between us Jawbreakers and Heathers. We had exhausted jammers fighting through and scoring points on both teams and blockers on both sides creating havoc for whoever tried to break through. Many penalties were had and both teams had two foul-outs which kept the referees busy and the drama on high-pitch. But in the end, we Jawbreakers were victorious and such a feeling it was! Thank you again to the ALL of the bout coaches, the referees, derby sisters and the entire SFV community for volunteering your time, helpful knowledge, and inspiration to make this memorable event happen for us all! Go SFVVVVV!!!!!

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