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Current Newsletter: December 2015


SFVRD Scoop: December 2015

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December 12, 2015
SFV Gnarlies 129

vs. ACDG Juniors 369

December 12, 2015
Krampus Kreepers 149
vs. Santa's Pillage 231



I'm KAIJU. Hear me RAWR.

I noticed I needed a physical outlet for the increasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression I was feeling from my job. Having tried (and failed) at roller derby before, I googled leagues near my apartment, saw there was a First Date in two weeks with SFV, and signed up! All the skaters with their support & encouragement on and off the track gave me the strength to quit my job and focus full time on drawing comics.
My number came before I even chose a derby name. I wanted a number that was important to me and also kind of nerdy, and in August of 2013, I was the first in my family to graduate from college. Now for the nerdy part which goes with the name: August 2013 is also when the Kaiju attacked San Francisco in Guillermo Del Toro's movie Pacific Rim. I took it as a sign and went with the name KAIJU (pronounced kai-jū) , which is the Japanese word for "strange beast." Kaiju are hostile, fearless, giant monsters meant to destroy all mankind, and that's what I want to be every time I hit the track.
I hope she doesn't think I'm weird for saying this, but Sleaze is my biggest derby inspiration. She's a beast of a skater and has really helped me the most during Fresh Meat and my first scrimmage practices.

Off the track, I'm just your friendly neighborhood comic shop babe at Earth-2 Comics, but you can also find me in my studio writing and drawing my own comics, getting ready to pitch them next year. And yes, one of them is totally about rad derby girls based off SFV!

Workout smarter, not harder. Specializing in roller derby and extreme sport preparedness. Together, we can put you in top shape for your next bout, game, or competition.
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SFV Roller Derby Presents:
Fresh Meat Expo Bout

Ghoul Scouts vs. Frankenbabes

Date: Friday, January 29th
Doors Open: 7:00PM
Ghoul Scouts vs. Frankenbabes: 7:30PM

The Lot: 12900 Bradley Ave., Sylmar, CA
Adults: $10 at the door ~ Kids under 10 are FREE!
Buy your tickets on Brown Paper Tickets and RSVP on Facebook.
Did you know that San Fernando Valley Roller Derby is the first adult league in derby history to have been built from a junior league? SFVRD’s fearless founder, Killo Kitty, started SFV Junior Derby in January 2011, and soon after an adult league was also born. Practices were limited and originally split between Skateland in Northridge and an outdoor skating rink in North Hollywood, but SFVRD found a home at The Lot in 2013, allowing practice time to triple. Because the league continues to grow, SFVRD just recently created a fourth home team! This January 2016, we are celebrating 5 years of our own derby history!

Winter Slayed

SFVRD skaters end the year spreading good cheer
Christmas is a special time of year, when all of our league mates can come together and hit each other! To end our 2015 season, we created two special Santa-themed teams (Santa’s Pillage and Krampus Kreepers) of players from all different skill levels within the league, including skaters from both Fresh Meat and The Like OMGs. Our two terrifying and twinkling teams were determined not to go home with just coal in their stockings, but Santa's Pillage ended up walking off with the sugar plums of victory 231-149.
For the first bout of our league's last double header of 2015, the SFVRD Gnarlies took on their local rivals from Angel City Junior Derby. Angel City's nationally competitive junior roller derby program proved to be a force to be reckoned with and despite a valiant effort on the part of SFVRD's juniors, ACJD took home the win 369 to 129. Stay tuned for a rematch in 2016!
SFVRD's awesome Gnarlies started the holiday season off by heading into the desert to take on the Fabulous Sin City Junior Rollers. These girls may be young, but they sure know how to get down with their bad elves, giving out both velcro kisses and black and blue bruises!
On December 12th, SFVRD held a mixed-levels bout of holiday-themed teams to not only celebrate the season, but also to benefit the Haven Hills Women's Shelter. Proceeds from the bout were donated to the shelter and Winter Slay attendees were encouraged to bring much-needed items for Haven Hills. By the end of the night, $850 was raised and four large boxes were filled with toys, books, and other donated goods.
Game Structure: A bout consists of 60 minutes of playtime, which is split into two 30-minute periods. There is a halftime break of at least 5 minutes in between periods. The team with the most points at the end of the bout wins.
Periods: The period begins when the jam-starting whistle blows. The period ends when the last jam ends, which may extend after the period clock reaches 0:00. If there are 30 seconds or less on the period clock when a jam ends, there will not be another jam in that period unless one of the teams calls a timeout or official review. The clock will begin running again once the designated official deems the Official Timeout complete.

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