Meet Our International Skaters: From across the pond or our neighbor to the North, SFVRD is a global attraction

By Saturday Night Special

As some fans know, roller derby attracts many different types of people. This sport is very much like a melting pot, bringing and blending together people for the sole purpose of fulfilling their passion on eight wheels. Some of these individuals even hail from different countries around the globe. In fact, SFVRD has several “international” skaters that originated from countries as close as Canada to as far-reaching as South Africa.

With derby names like “Buckingham Malice” and “MashU BeatU,” these foreign beauties may give you a small clue as to their homelands. One of our league’s newest transfer skaters, “Serenity Lost,” is from one of America’s neighbors to the North. Recently moving to the U.S. with her family, SFV isn’t her first derby rodeo. Serenity played for a little less than two years with her previous league in Ottawa, The Rideau Valley Roller Girls. When we asked which position she prefers to play, she responded, “I enjoy blocking much more than jamming, but I do try to jam at every practice because I think it makes me a better blocker.” And after seeing her out there during scrimmage nights, we have to agree!

MashU BeatU

MashU BeatU

One of my personal favorites in the clever derby names category is none other than “MashU BeatU” who hails from the exotic land of Peru! We asked MashU to explain her derby name for our readers, “It is an honor to our Majestic Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city in Cuzco, Peru.” This pint-sized powerhouse moved to the U.S. in 2011 with her husband and had the pleasure of skating with 4 Corners Rollergirls in Colorado for a year. While visiting family in her native land, she learned about Peru’s first roller derby league, Toxic Lima Roller Derby. “It has been so amazing seeing an experiencing the growth of my favorite sport,” MashU explains. “I feel my life has changed for the good since I started skating. Not only because I love this sport, but most importantly, wherever I have gone, I have had the blessing of meeting such amazing people.”

Rude a QUAKEning

Rude a QUAKEning

“Rude a QUAKEning” is one of the newest members of the Fer Sures. With her derby name in reference to her last name, Rudenberg, Quake moved to the U.S. when she was 23 from South Africa. Although there is a derby league in her home country, C-Max Roller Derby, she never got the chance to play with them, but hopes to during her next visit. We asked Quake what her family thought about her playing roller derby, “They think I’m crazy and they love it! They’ve been supportive because they know how much derby means to me.” When asked what hopes and dreams Quake had for the derby league back home she said, “This is SA’s (South Africa’s) first year at the Roller Derby World Cup and roller derby is comparatively new there. So I hope they have a good showing and learn all the skills from more experienced international teams to take back home.” We should have expected this answer when we asked which team she would be cheering for in the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup, “Sorry Team America, I’m supporting the South African Lionesses all the way!”

One of SFV’s more veteran skaters, “Buckingham Malice,” is originally from jolly old England. Although she never played before she moved stateside, she has been playing derby since 2009. “I had a friend who played and watched her bouts. I was instantly hooked,” Malice answered when asked how she discovered this sport. She previously played on SFV’s home team, The Topanga Maul Rats, as well as our A-team, The Like OMGs. We asked which position she enjoyed playing the most, “Pivot/Blocker. I like the quick change between offense and defense. Also, because it means I get to help others and I’m much better at that than trying to watch out for myself while jamming.” You can hear Malice’s lovely accent at most of our home games announcing and giving all the play-by-play action.

As you can see, SFVRD is an eclectic group of dazzling women who each have something unique and fascinating about them. There is no "type" that plays roller derby, only those who simply "do." To catch some of our foreign league mates in action, be sure to keep yourself updated with any of our upcoming home team or travel team bouts at The Lot in Sylmar. Hope to see you in the crowd!

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