December 2018 Junior Skater of the Month

Evil Gretel #911
Age: 12

Evil Gretel.jpeg

How did you choose your derby name and number?
I got my name from my Mom.  She has called me "Evil Gretel" since I was 4.  I didn't like the way the story of "Hansel & Gretel" ended & my Mom started to call me "Evil Gretel".   As for my number, my parents said that 911 would be the number people called once I "hip checked" them.

How did you start playing roller derby? 
My Dad asked me about it after talking to Iceboxx about it.  Sounded amazing.  I used to play hockey and thought that this was a step above.

What position do you play/enjoy the most? 
I play both blocker & jammer.

What do you love best about roller derby? 
I love the teamwork.  That I know that my sisters are always there for me.

Most fun memory? 
Our away bout in San Diego.  It was my first away bout.  Loved playing with my team and hanging out after.

What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby? 
My family thinks that it's a fun & competitive sport.  My whole family plays hockey (except for my Mom) so they are use to the competitive sport.