November 2018 Junior Skater of the Month

Zoatoan Virus #8130
Age: 15

My derby name is a play on words of the "Croatoan virus" from Supernatural. My mom and I we're brainstorming name ideas and this one just seemed to fit. My derby number is my favorite numbers 8 and 13 with a zero added on to the end.

I was introduced to derby by a friend from school who played and told me I had to come to at least one practice. I've loved it ever since!

I think the part of derby I love most is the kind of release you feel playing it. Your stress from the day fades away and then it's just you and your team ready to kick some butt.

I think my most fun memory is when my skate broke in the middle of a game. It wasn't so fun then but looking back on it now is always good for a laugh.

My school friends think derby is the perfect sport for me. My family loves coming to games.