June 2018 Skater of the Month

Dana Skull E. #1337


As many of you know/despise, I retired my name as The Slamburglar last year. I am a huge X-Files fan and Dana Scully is a smart, bada** woman. 

In addition to retiring my derby name, I also retired from playing jammer (at least for now, the saga may continue). Between the Wreckers and Like OMGs, I play Pivot or Blocker. One of my derby goals is to drink the sweat beads that I've been collecting in a vial from Moose, so that I can increase my backwards blocking agility. Another goal is that one of our home teams takes that shiny home team trophy away from the Rats.

Moose, Terror and Dovah all inspire me which is why I've befriended them (to absorb their powers). Jammers aren't terrified of Moose for no reason and her backwards blocking is a force to be reckoned with. Terror and Dovah play all the positions - more than that, they play all the positions exceptionally well. All three of them really know how to play with a team (no matter what team you see them skating on) and are delightful skaters/teammates/unicorns to be with on the track.

My favorite derby memory was when I was off-skates volunteering at a bout and Spazzy (may he/she/them rest in peace) ran onto the track during a jam. As recently appointed Track Head, there was no existing protocol for "cat on track" so I blissfully watched the madness ensue.