May 2018 Skater of the Month

Nicety Nice N Nasty #152

What is the story behind your derby name and number? 
My sister once told me "you're the nicest person I know AND the meanest!"  She's right!  So back in '89 when the singer Michel'le released a song called Nicety..."some people think I'm nice, some people think I'm nasty, and if you really want to know just ask me...and I'll say I'm nicety"  the nickname stuck.  I never imagined it would become my derby name.  For the most part, I'm 90% nice and 10% nasty.  On the derby track, it's the opposite, at least in my mind. 

My 152 Derby number comes from the 152nd day of the calendar year, which is June 1st, my mom's birthday.  I skate in memory of my mom who passed away two months prior to me joining SFV Roller Derby in early 2014.  

What made you join roller derby anyways?
One morning, I was watching KTLA news and Gayle Anderson was doing a segment on SFV Roller Derby.  The segment showcased the sport and the skaters at the Lot. I thought...hmm, maybe this is what I need?  I called every friend asking them if they would go with me to the First Date practice and everyone said "Derby? thanks".  At age 44, I showed up alone and I feel it was one of the best decisions of my life.  

What position do you play? Any other skating stuff you particularly enjoy?
My favorite position was blocking and I absolutely loved skating backwards like no other!  

Who inspires you?
Who inspires me? Good question. Honestly, everyone does because we all struggle at every level of derby and it's inspiring to see those that don't give up...but, I have to say the ones that inspire me the MOST are the derby over 40 group of skaters or those close to 40.  They are hard-core!  They inspired me to work harder, never quit, hustle faster and never use the excuse that I'm too old to do something because I see that they can do it!  Practice, determination and perseverance will prevail.  Age means nothing. 

Favorite roller derby memory? 
My favorite memories are the times I've volunteered.  I truly enjoy helping the league that has helped ME so much emotionally, just by allowing me to skate.  The love, encouragement and support I receive surpasses any therapy I could get elsewhere!   My best advice to anyone new...go to practice even when your sore.  You’ll get better and better every time!  

What's next?
It’s time for me to leave the league and it hurts my heart a little. I am so honored and very appreciative that I was recognized at this time again. 

Thank you Killo Kitty and SFV Roller Derby for EVERYTHING!  I love you all. 

Nicety Nice n Nasty #152 forever!