July 2018 Skater of the Month

Dazzler #36


My name is Dazzler like the superheroine in the Marvel comic books. I picked number 36 because that was my age when I started my journey as a skater. This number reminds me that age is just a number and it does not mean a thing and it should not be an impediment to accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself. I’m still learning all things related to derby, but the position I enjoy most is blocking. I hope that some day I can be as good as some the women that are in the league. The women in our league, like Moose, Iceboxx and Fudge, to name a few, inspire me to work harder and not GIVE UP! They always take the time to give their guidance and provide encouragement. Every one at SFV is friendly and warm and provides a safe environment for beginners like myself to explore their skating abilities while growing along the way not just physically but also personally. One of my most memorable moment was participating in this year‘s winter Freshie bout. At first I was hesitant and full of self doubt if I was even good enough to participate. But I pushed through my freshie jitters and my team won. I’m looking forward to the next Freshie bout later on this month and hope to take the win again but if I don’t I know that it will still be fun and memorable.