June 2017 Skater of the Month

Tell us about your name.
I bake all sorts of cakes and 350 is the temperature you bake them.

What position do you play? 
I’m currently a proud blocker! I’m working toward being a great pivot, just so I can get in a little bit of jamming, too.  

Who inspires you on the track?
Kat Von Reap turned me onto derby. She worked with my husband and I came to see her play. It was so cool. But I thought I was too old and too big to play, so it took me two years before I went to my First Date. I have not looked back since. 

What is your favorite derby memory?
The night I passed my WFTDA skills and got drafted to the Van Nuys Valkyries! It took three tries to get home team cleared and I passed with the greatest group of gals — Night Fury, Meowzig, Iceboxx, Lucid Venus, Slick Trick, and Sigourney Cleaver. I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing league and hope to have many more memories!