July 2019 Junior Skater of the Month

Dole Whip #66
Age: 9

Dole Whip.jpg

How did you choose your derby name and number?
I chose “Dole Whip” because I love the frozen dairy-free desert and I can’t actually have ice cream and Dole Whip doesn’t have dairy or anything like that. Also, a Whip in derby is when somebody grabs you and spins you around the track. My number is the same as Yasiel Puig who was my favorite Dodger. 

How did you start playing roller derby? 
I started playing Roller Derby because my mom used to play Roller Derby with SFV. Her name is Agony Christie. My sister, Nancy Drew Blood, also plays Roller Derby. So I always watched them and wanted to play too!

What position do you play/enjoy the most?
The position I love the most is jammer because I like having to use my strength to get through the wall! I can just go through and push my hardest and I like that!

What is your favorite roller derby memory?
My most fun memory was the Winter Expo bout. I was a Jingle Slayer but I got transferred to Menorah Meanies at the last minute. That meant I got to play with my sister in my first bout! I had so much fun that game!

What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby? 
My family loves it and likes that I joined. At first my friends didn’t really get it but then I explained. I explain to them more about what it is and then they got it. Sometimes my friends actually do come to my games but not always. And since my mom used to play Roller Derby I have a lot of Derby friends like Iceboxx and Killo Kitty.