June 2019 Skater of the Month

Jewmanji #305


Tell us about how you chose your name and number.
A few months before I even started derby the word Jewmanji just randomly floated into my head and stuck there.  After I started skating I agonized for months about choosing a name, I asked everyone I knew for suggestions, and had a huge list of potential names growing in my phone. But I think Jewmanji was always meant to be! I ended up with my number when I had to quickly pick one for my first WFTDA assessment and it stuck. 305 is the area code for Miami, where I grew up.  It’s always nice to carry a bit of home with you when you skate.

What position do you play? What are your derby goals?
I’m pretty sure my skill set lies in being a blocker right now.  I’m still working on my plow stops and getting in position quickly. But there’s something magical about being in a strong wall and not letting the jammer go anywhere.  Some of my derby goals are building up footwork skills to be a better jammer and to get so much lower!

How and why did you get involved in roller derby?
Xena is my BFF, so I got to cheer her on from the sidelines for a year before she peer pressured me into going to a first date.  I love the derby culture but I’ve never been particularly athletic. So of course the first sport I ever decide to play is a full contact team sport on wheels.

Who inspires you on the track?
Everyone I’ve skated with inspires me in different ways!  Alacran is crazy dedicated and has gotten so good because of it.  Arson Nic has the best advice and kills it at every position. Scareheart is absolutely fearless on skates.  And every time I watch a bout, I come away more motivated.

What is your favorite derby memory?
Probably everything about my first Freshie Bout.  I loved getting to train with my team and have team bonding.  And that’s when I got my derby wife, Pearl Reckless!

In what ways has roller derby changed your life?
The friends I’ve made are the best part.  SFVRD has such a great community and I feel so lucky to be a part of it!

What advice do you have for someone new to derby?
I think the best thing for new skaters is to savor the little victories.  One more lap during 27/5 or finally landing a jump. Derby taught me to have patience with myself and enjoy the journey.