October 2018 Skater of the Month

Bellatrix Black (Trix) #20


I chose my derby name because I love Harry Potter, and my favorite character is Bellatrix! She’s really strong and scary and that’s who I want to be when I’m on the track! Sometimes I like to jam, but I’ll usually play any position. And my derby goal is to make it on the travel team.
Dovah, Iceboxx, Moose, Quake, & Gunner are the skaters I find most inspirational. Not only are they awesome players, but they have taught me a lot. And I just love watching them play. My favorite derby memory is my first date! I was very happy about joining and that was the first day I learned how to skate, so every time I’m feeling down about my skating, I think back to that day and remind myself that I came a long way!