October 2018 Junior Skater of the Month

ZORA #471
Age: 13


My roller derby number 471 is the number of my karate black belt #, and my derby name Zora is after one of our cats! I was inspired to start derby from reading an article about roller derby from a kids magazine I subscribe to. It’s hard to say what position I play the most. I enjoy blocking the most because there’s a lot of teamwork involved. What I love most about the sport is that I’ve made so many new friends, and playing the game makes me feel strong. My My best memory is when we won the first game since I had joined the team a year ago. When I tell my friends and family I play roller derby, they say “You play whaaaat?!” It always makes me smile because my friends don’t know me as Zora. My family supports me and come to all of my games and take me to my practices.