January 2019 Skater of the Month

Stockholm Syndi #1369

Photo by  Donalee Eiri

Photo by Donalee Eiri

My name is a play on Stockholm Syndrome, where victims identify, bond, or sympathize with their captors. I've been playing roller derby for 6 years now and it's safe to say that this sport has definitely captured me. The longer I play, the more my name carries meaning and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

My goals in derby haven't changed much from when I first started: being stronger, smarter, and better than I used to be. Ever since captaining the Like OMGs in 2018, I've grown more competitive. One of my goals for the upcoming season is to lead the OMGs to be better than we were in 2018 and to move up in rankings. Each of the Like OMGs inspires me to become not only a better skater, but also a better person. They keep me on my toes, whether they know it or not. They've taught me patience, trust, and the importance of togetherness, on and off the track.

I've had many amazing memories since I started in 2012, but the most recent ones would be skating in the inaugural roster of Team Philippines for the 2018 World Cup and also finally winning the Home Team Championship with the Balboa Bandits!!