SFVRD Evolving

By Major Glitch

 SFV Roller Derby is growing and evolving!  We are in the process of applying to join the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, and we have established three teams:  Our A team, the Like OMG's, our B team, the Wipe Outs and our C team, Fresh to Death.  We've had one home game and will have another on September 8!  

We've asked some of our league members to tell us a little bit about their experiences growing with SFV.  Here are some thoughts from those members:

"[D]uring the first few months, I assumed I would have a natural talent at the game since I am an athlete and run marathons and work out five times a week.....  Yeah, turns out that...doesn't exactly make you a good roller derby player---or even skater.....I am slowly learning that it is ok to ask for help, to admit that I don't know something, contributing to a shared goal, thinking of myself as part of a group rather than a perpetually separate entity.....  [T]hat is also how I know this is good and that I am growing as a person and, yes, as a derby player.  And, you know, all those hours spent by myself weren't really much fun in comparison."--Roll n Rawkher #636

"Dear Mom.....roller derby has changed my life....  I can genuinely admit that joining the team has been the best decision of my life.  I'm already seeing improvement--I've dropped some weight and gained some endurance and speed.  The herniated disc in my back isn't as irritated anymore when I skate.  And I have waaaaay more energy lately....  [R]oller derby has improved my life off the track as well....  I’m a better, more hard-working employee, and have even earned a raise this month. (Push hard, play hard!) I’m writing more and have finally been receiving recognition for my work. (Stay motivated! Focus!) I’ve even landed a sweet ass boyfriend after years of avoiding love. (Trust! Patience!)"--Philly Sleazesteak #215

"At first when the whistle blew all that followed was chaos....  Then, one by one, the fragments started to separate.  One whistle, start.  Two whistles, look behind you....  The yelling coming from afar, that is your coach.  The yelling from near, that is your pivot.....You'd better skate fast.  Now, there are flashes.....  The stars align, the whistle blows, the chaos begins.  But this time an unfamiliar awareness happens.  You see the jammer, you adjust your speed, you make contact....  So,  you keep going back, addicted.  Playing as much as you can.  Waiting, waiting for your next flash of clarity, waiting for victory over chaos."

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