Freshie Bout: DC-apitators vs. The MARVELous

For the final bout of the 2013 season, two Fresh Meat teams took to the track in an epic comic book character battle to settle the question, "Who has the ultimate avengers, DC or Marvel?" The DC-apitators took on The MARVELous, making this the first ever Freshie versus Freshie bout in SFVRD history. The MARVELous prevailed winning 173-124. Here are some retrospectives by the Captains of both teams:

By Captain Lipstick Vendetta, The MARVELous 
At the announcement of SFVRD’s first ever Fresh Meat Expo, so many skaters were filled with all types of feelings. For some, it was the excitement of their very first game; for others, it was the sheer panic of having much more responsibility on the track. When the rosters were announced and the coaches were named, all fear went out the window. We had Atomic (the Fresh Meat Godfather), Iron Panda, and Catastrophe as our Bench Coaches. Our roster of players couldn’t have been any more perfect -we had strong blockers, strong jammers, and loud voices. This certainly felt like the “Dream Team.”

The game was intense; we had a scrimmage the night before which didn’t go as well as we had hoped. The MARVELous team was ready for revenge. With Atomic and Catastrophe bench-coaching us, we went in like Spartans -all heart, all determination, no fear. The intensity and focus on our bench was so great you could cut it with a knife. Our jammers were getting through and making points, our blockers were holding the walls, and we were in the penalty box a lot less than the night before. Team DC definitely didn’t go quietly, they put up a hard fight and the game was very close. We were visibly exhausted by the second half, but everyone tested their limits, pushed to end, and we were able to take home the win. Teamwork is what made all the difference. In derby, there is no way a jammer can make it without her blockers and the blockers wouldn’t be successful without their jammer. We practiced as a team, we were punished by Iron Panda and Atomic as a team, we played as a team, we won as a team. And at the end of the day, the DC-apitators and The MARVELous are part of a family -the San Fernando Valley Roller Derby Family.

By Captain Dovahkill, The DC-apitators
2013 was an incredible year for SFV Roller Derby! So many new and awesome things happened for us and we ended the year with the first of many Freshie Expos! I had the honor of being the captain of the DC-apitators! I don't usually skate with the freshies, so this was a great opportunity to get to know the new girls.

The teams were announced a month before the game, not giving us much time to become the fierce team we ended up being. It was amazing getting to watch these girls learn, understand, and utilize the skills we would practice. Seeing their faces as the light bulb in their heads went off was a beautiful sight. "Why so serious?!" became our team motto not only because Joker is a DC character, but also because it was the perfect way to remind everyone to just have fun. These girls definitely played hard and had all the fun!

I also learned a lot from this experience in a different way. I am usually looking to others for guidance in games, but this time, I was the "senior" skater. I had to be very aware of what was going on, like when to switch from defense to offense, because these girls were looking to me for guidance. It put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and I liked it! I've really grown from this experience and I would like to help Atomic and Malice with the freshies in the future....Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge!

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