Trek to Alaska: The Like OMGs Face Off with Rage City

By Saturday Night Special

October has been a jam-packed month for The Like OMGs! The ladies in blue and green kicked-off the month with a hard-hitting home bout against the Ventura County Derby Darlins, in which the OMGs were victorious. But there was little time to rest, as the very next week they hopped on a Northbound plane to Alaska to play against the Rage City Roller Girls of Anchorage!

With only two full days in Alaska, the OMGs packed in as much sightseeing and fun local activities as they possibly could. After arriving in Anchorage around 1:00AM, the ladies loaded up the rentals cars and headed to their home for the trip. With only a few hours of sleep, they were up and at ‘em, with a quick trip to Starbucks of course, to take a field trip to hike a trail to see the Byron Glacier! On the way back from the Glacier, there was a side trip to a local wildlife rehabilitation and nature preserve where the ladies got up close and personal with some of Alaska’s finest (and cutest) residents.

After a beautiful and scenic drive back to the homestead, a small group of the OMGs, including myself, decided to participate in an OMG traveling tradition of getting a tattoo of something that is native to the area to commemorate the journey. The next day was bout day, but the OMGs still had some sites to visit! Up at the crack of dawn, and another trip to Starbucks, the ladies piled into the rental cars to head out for another Alaskan adventure. The final destination was an old abandoned mine, which unfortunately was closed for the season, but there were several breathtaking stops along the way.

Now it was time to get into game mode. The ladies packed up their belongings and headed to the bout venue. At the date of the bout, The Rage City Roller Girls were ranked #81 in the overall WFTDA standings, so the OMGs knew this wasn’t going to be an easy feat. But our all-star team came out with guns-a-blazin’ and held the lead for the entire first half! Unfortunately, the OMGs weren’t able to hang on to the lead in the second half, with the final score being 226-175 Rage City. After the bout, we had several officials and fans attending the game telling us that was one of the most intense and hard-hitting bouts they had ever seen. After the OMGs took photos and geared down, they had just enough time to make a quick appearance at the after party to have a few drinks and dance. Next, they loaded into the rental cars one final time to head to the airport for a red-eye flight back home. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience both on and off the track.

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