March 2019 Junior Skater of the Month

Dead Velvet #111
Age: 13

Dead Velvet.jpg

How did you choose your derby name and number?
One of my favorite bands is called Red Velvet so I decided to use that as my name but spiced it up a bit and decided to be called Dead Velvet. I chose 111 for the number because it is like the wrinkles on a cupcake wrapper.

How did you start playing roller derby? 
I had recently got back into skating and my friend mentioned how her mom used to do roller derby. I told my father about it and he decided to search up if there were and junior teams around where we live and he found SFVRD.

What position do you play/enjoy the most? 
It really depends…I love playing all positions.

What do you love best about roller derby? 
I love how the teammates are with each other. To be honest, I was really intimidated by most of the girls and now I’m really good friends with some of the them.

Most fun memory? 
One of my most fun memories is when I played in our winter slay bout and I was able to make points as a jammer for the first time.

What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby? 
Some of my were really shocked and some of my teachers were worried when they saw I had a red mark on my leg in the shape of wheels.