The Skully Award, February 2018

SFV Roller Derby would be nothing without our hardworking officials, both our onskates Referees and our dedicated Non-Skating Officials. Throughout the year, the Training Team would like to honor an official in recognition of their contribution to the league. 



Photo by Tristan King Photography

Photo by Tristan King Photography

How did you get started as a roller derby official? 
I started about 2 or 3 months after I joined the league. I wanted to learn more about derby and this is a great way to see the game from another angle.  I have been NSOing about 1 year and a half.  

Who inspires you, both on and off the track? 
My family inspires me to be better skater and NSO. I think derby helps me be a better wife/mom because I can let out my frustrations on the track. Novakaine inspires me, because she always gives it her all and is super encouraging and friendly to everyone. 

What's something you wish all skaters knew or realized?
Like wine, skaters get better with time. If you constantly show up and work for it, you'll get there eventually. Never give up.  Like ever!   

When you're not on the track, where can we find you?
When not derby-ing I'm usually hanging out with my family and our dog Slash.