August 2017 Skater of the Month

Tell us about your name
I'm a big Marvel fan. I have always closely related to Storm but when you think about a bad ass intimidating woman, BloodStorm would have to be it. Not to mention I always seem to have variations of a white mohawk. The number is a reference to Green Day's first release.

What position do you play? What are your derby goals? 
I play the position of falling on my ASS.  Actually, I guess blocker, but I aspire to play all positions. I want to be a jammer one day.  Really, I just want to play, that's my main goal. 

Who or what inspires you on the track?
Every single person that steps on that track.  I watch and ask questions of everyone. There is something in everyone I can learn from.  I'd love to skate backwards and block like Moose. Dovah uses her body like a skilled ballerina.  Hurley and Killo set the bar so high. I could go on and name every woman, but they all inspire me.

What is your favorite derby memory?
Playing in a freshie bout. Those practices when the girls cheered me on and I jammed against Tank, little me got lead Jammer for a few seconds. No one took it easy on me and I loved every second.

BloodStorm #1039