The Skully Award, February 2017

SFV Roller Derby would be nothing without our hardworking officials, both our onskates Referees and our dedicated Non-Skating Officials. Throughout the year, the Training Team would like to honor an official in recognition of their contribution to the league. 



How did you decide on your derby name? 
It’s no secret that my “personalities” [gestures to my chest] are large. For a while, I was embarrassed by my twins, Olga and Holga. But as I got older I felt empowered to embrace all of me, even if they create a few back issues.

How did you get started as a roller derby official?
I knew I wanted to join the derby community, but I didn’t really know about officiating. A light bulb went off as I began to learn the rules. There’s a lot to learn and analyze, but I am very much up to the challenge. 

Who is your derby inspiration?
I’m going to have to say my lovely cousin, HardLee Ann Angel. She has taken on a lot of responsibilities recently, within the league and in her personal life, and she basically just grabs life by the horns and takes it for a ride.

What's your spirit animal? Why?
It’s obviously a zebra! 

What's something you wish all skaters knew?
Reffing is difficult. As officials, we need to see everybody’s movements and then determine the legality of it all, which comes from understanding the rule set. Now, I’m not saying that I want everyone to ref, but it would definitely be nice if all skaters took some time to read the rules. 

What’s the best part of being an official?
I make it a point to be at scrimmages with freshly-cleared skaters. You get to see the gears turn as they start putting together what they learned in training and begin to apply it to gameplay. Yes, there are a lot of penalties, but a few weeks down the road you see an almost unrecognizable skater. They give all of themselves on the track. That makes me want be a better official.

When you're not on the track, where can we find you?
You can find me singing as a part of the West Coast Singers, hanging out with family, or just snuggling up at home with my boxer, Ginger.