The Skully Award, August 2016

SFV Roller Derby would be nothing without our hardworking officials, both our onskates Referees and our dedicated Non-Skating Officials. Throughout the year, the Training Team would like to honor an official in recognition of their contribution to the league. 

Honoring H-BOMB

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Photo by Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

H-Bomb is one of my favorite people to work with. She always brings positive energy where ever she goes. No matter how serious we need to be in the jobs that we do, I never cease to have a good time with her.
— Refael, SFV Roller Derby Head Ref

How did you decide on your derby name? 
I was originally Amazon Annie., but H-Bomb sounded better. So I changed it. 

How did you get started as a roller derby referee? 
I was a skater, but after I got injured in a car accident, Tour De Franzia suggested officiating. I trained with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, and I've been officiating now 2 years strong. Best advice ever! 

What's your spirit animal? 
Tiger.  Focused, patient and fearless. 

Who inspires you, both on and off the track?
Dovahkill. She does all the good things for SFV on and off the track. I love her. 

What's something you wish all skaters knew or realized?
Help out the new girls. You don't need to act superior to them – they already idolize you. 

I’ve come across a lot of people in this derby-verse and usually with time they forget that derby is fun. Not H-Bomb. She always has the most contagious smile on her face and I’m getting misty-eyed thinking how that won’t be around anymore. Even with a whistle in her mouth she’s still smiling.
— Dovahkill, SFV Roller Derby Head NSO