The Skully Award, December 2016

SFV Roller Derby would be nothing without our hardworking officials, both our onskates Referees and our dedicated Non-Skating Officials. Throughout the year, the Training Team would like to honor an official in recognition of their contribution to the league. 


Photo by ConJobb

Photo by ConJobb

How did you get started as a roller derby referee?
I got started in Roller Derby because my girlfriend (PrisKilla Presley) started playing and convinced me to help out NSO for a bit, then I started reffing. It's been about 2.5 years since I started helping out with the league and I haven’t looked back since. 

How did you decide on your derby name? 
I have always enjoyed movie monsters and monsters in general. Something about being a misunderstood monster is incredibly appealing to me. My current spirit animal is Guillermo Del Toro. He is so unapologetic about his love for creatures, horror, and the art of story telling that I can't help but hope to be like that when I get older.

Frank Einstein is progressing into a great ref. I’m privileged to have him as a Co-Head and friend.
— Refael, SFV Roller Derby Head Ref

What's your favorite roller derby memory?
My favorite Roller Derby memory has to be Roller Con 2015. It was my first year going to Roller Con and honestly it was the most overwhelming experience. I had never seen such intense high level Roller Derby played before and it was amazing. Not to mention it was really awesome to be with a community of like-minded people watching derby, playing derby, and learning together.

What's your advice to Freshies?
You are going to fall, no matter what. So just get it over with and get back up. It's something I really struggled with when I started skating, the idea that falling is not necessarily a bad thing. It's no easy task getting knocked down and then getting back up again, but just do it. Stay motivated.