August 2015 Junior Skater of the Month


How long have you been skating?
1.5 years
How did you start playing roller derby?
I knew about roller derby because my aunt plays and so do some of my mom’s friends. I also saw the movie Whip It and thought I would like to try it someday. I didn't know there was a Juniors team until my parents told me. I didn't want to play any other sports because I was afraid of being hit with balls.
What position do you play or enjoy the most?
I like all positions, but I really like when I get a chance to jam, I really like the challenge of scoring points for my team.
What do you love best about roller derby? Most fun memory?
I love being on a team that is supportive of each other. My most fun memory is skating in my real bout. I was nervous the whole ride there, but it was worth it.
What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby?
My friends think it's real cool that I skate. Even a few of my friends said they would like to skate one day.
What would you tell other girls/kids if they asked you about roller derby?
I would tell them that it is a lot of work but is fun and awesome.