March 2015 Junior Skater of the Month

How long have you been skating? 
A little under 2 years.
How did you start playing roller derby? 
My dad worked on a show that featured roller derby.
What position do you play or enjoy the most? 
What do you love best about roller derby? 
The thing that I love most about roller derby is that it isn’t your average sport and most people are amazed at what you can do on roller skates.
What is your most fun memory?
My most fun memory is a game against a team called The Sharkbites and when I got a Most Valuable Blocker award on a game that was 8 people against 22 (SFV had 8)!
What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby?
Everybody that knows I play roller derby is shocked because it’s a sport that they haven’t heard of in a long time.
What would you tell other girls/kids if they asked you about roller derby? 
I would tell them that roller derby has absolutely changed my life for the better. I met my best friend, Cha-Cha Glide, and I am now a part of a growing community that people all over the United States are falling in love with.