April 2015 Junior Skater of the Month


How long have you been skating?
I started skating in July 2013 when I joined SFV. I had never skated before.
How did you start playing roller derby?
I saw a bout demo during a comic book convention. The teams were Marvel vs. DC. It was amazing and I wanted to learn more. I was like, “Wow!” We found out that there was a junior team in the valley. I couldn’t wait to get started.
What position do you play or enjoy the most?
I’m a blocker and I love it. Something about hitting others off the track is so much fun. I’m not the fastest girl, but I’m very strong.
What do you love best about roller derby? Most fun memory?
I love roller derby because it is fun and you can be yourself. I will always remember my first bout, but my favorite memory is when our team played another team with twice as many players and they were all teenagers. It was only 8 of us (SFV) and we played so hard and we won!
What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby?
Since roller derby is a unique sport, not many know about it. I love explaining the rules and getting everyone interested. My friends and family all support me and come to watch me play. I love telling people I play roller derby. The response is usually surprised and they always say, “You play roller derby?!” I try to get all my friends to come and check out my team.
What would you tell other girls/kids if they asked you about roller derby? 
It’s a great sport to play. Roller Derby makes you awesome! I have learned a lot about myself and I’m happy to be a part of a sport that makes me physically and mentally strong. I love that I get to skate and have fun with my team.