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Roll Models: Mother & Daughter Skaters Share Their Love for Derby

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SFVRD has a number of skaters who are mothers with daughters who also skate with our Juniors team, The Gnarlies. How has this common ground positively effected their mother/daughter relationships and encouraged each other to succeed in derby?

Agony Christie with her daughter, DangerBird

Agony Christie, The Wipeouts Co-Captain & DangerBird's Mom:
How many of us can say that we have a shared experience with our daughters that is outside of the typical mother/daughter roles? 

As skaters with SFVRD, Danger Bird and I travel to tournaments, bouts, and workshops together. We share hotel rooms and cheer each other on. We can relate to each other's hard wins and tough losses. 

Reapa Slayworth with her daughter, Miss Chifmaker

Just as sure as I model strength and persistence to her, she teaches me what it is to be brave and resilient. We know we are part of a much larger family of moms, daughters, and sisters.
HaHaHarley, Fresh Meat Skater & Rainbow Smash's Mom:
My daughter and I both playing roller derby has strengthened our relationship. It helped expand our common ground and created a new way of relating to each other. Since she started playing first, she actually helped teach me how to do certain things on the track. It was quite a role reversal for me and a great confidence booster for her. Roller derby has provided us both a community which is full of people who are strong, hard working, and diverse. We have a place for quality time and something the whole family can be involved in. This is a place where friendships are built and a sense of accomplishment is achieved. We are each other’s biggest fan. What more could I ask for?
Reapa Slayworth, The Fer Sures Skater & Miss Chifmaker's Mom:
The sense of empowerment being a part of these strong, confident female athletes was an experience I knew I wanted to give my daughter. It's a sisterhood at every level, the acceptance and encouragement in derby is universal. Watching my daughter have that same reaction after her first practice was amazing. 

Her sense of determination and grit was inspiring. As she grows up I am so happy for her to be a part of this family that will value and validate her strength and athleticism. 

Not only do we have each other to share in this experience, but we have the gift of this community. One that bolsters you, empowers you, and through our mutual love of derby, brings us closer together.