August 2018 Skater of the Month

Lollidrop #123

Age: 7 years old

My name shows people that I won't be too easy on them or hard. It's like a lollipop, except I'm gonna spin you around and drop you. I had other numbers that I wanted but they were taken, so I went with my birthdate--12/3. I went to a few games when I was 6 and found out there was junior roller derby, but you had to be 7. After I turned 7, I signed up right away. I most enjoy playing jammer because you get to hit people! What I love most about derby is that you get to hit people! My most fun memory of roller derby is playing ping pong at practice! My other friends and family think it's cool that I play roller derby, but the kids don't exactly know what it is. The grown ups say " cool!"

August 2018 Skater of the Month

Chelsea Dragher #666


My derby name comes from a song called Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis that I am completely obsessed with. The song is named after the lead singers wife who used the name as her burlesque stage name. Turns out it is a play on the name Brittney Spears, get it, basic white girl name, sharp object? It’s an upbeat sunflowery happy song and I suggest you all listen to it and try to not get excited! I play all positions in roller derby! In my derby career thus far, I have always tried to be as versatile as humanly possible. I feel that the more flexible you are, the better off you will be in life and in derby! Although, I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of in love with jamming! Currently my short-term goal is to build up my stamina to get onto the Fer Sures, but long term is to get onto the Like OMGs. Every single person that I have come across on this team inspires me every single day. Whether it be the girls at freshie practice who relentlessly get up each time they fall, pushing themselves harder each practice, or drooling over all of the OMGs and their amazing skating skills and extremely positive and welcoming attitude. Two specific people that come to mind when thinking about who inspires me the most on the track is Dovahkill and AmericanHurL Doll.   They are both fantastic skaters and I literally have to pick my jaw up off of the floor when I see them skate. They constantly inspire me to improve on my own skating skills so that I can get up to their level can kick my ass! My favorite derby memory is playing alongside and against my fresh meat family. I don’t think that I have ever had that much fun on the track with so many amazing people! It makes me tear up when I think about how flipping lucky I am to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people and I cannot wait for all of us to further our derby careers together!

July 2018 Junior Skater of the Month

Navycrusher #23


Age: 13

How did you choose your derby name and number?
So how I chose my derby name is because my dad was part of the navy for a long time so the part is dedicated to him and the crusher part is that I like to crush my opponents. Oh and my derby number 23 because it’s my birthday. 

How did you start playing roller derby?
I started playing roller derby because of Chubbzilla. Since we were school friends Chubby gave me a book about roller derby, after I became interested she told me she was on a team so I decided to try it!

What position do you play/enjoy the most?
My favorite position to play in roller derby is blocking, but I also like to jam.

What do you love best about roller derby? What's your most fun memory?
What I like most is skating around and hitting. Also a fun memory I have is one practice it was just me, Goldy and Dovah and Dovah taught us some fun moves and tricks.

What do your school friends and family think of you playing roller derby?
They think it is cool and a nice sport, but they also were thinking how I haven't broken a bone yet!

July 2018 Skater of the Month

Dazzler #36


My name is Dazzler like the superheroine in the Marvel comic books. I picked number 36 because that was my age when I started my journey as a skater. This number reminds me that age is just a number and it does not mean a thing and it should not be an impediment to accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself. I’m still learning all things related to derby, but the position I enjoy most is blocking. I hope that some day I can be as good as some the women that are in the league. The women in our league, like Moose, Iceboxx and Fudge, to name a few, inspire me to work harder and not GIVE UP! They always take the time to give their guidance and provide encouragement. Every one at SFV is friendly and warm and provides a safe environment for beginners like myself to explore their skating abilities while growing along the way not just physically but also personally. One of my most memorable moment was participating in this year‘s winter Freshie bout. At first I was hesitant and full of self doubt if I was even good enough to participate. But I pushed through my freshie jitters and my team won. I’m looking forward to the next Freshie bout later on this month and hope to take the win again but if I don’t I know that it will still be fun and memorable. 

June 2018 Skater of the Month

Dana Skull E. #1337


As many of you know/despise, I retired my name as The Slamburglar last year. I am a huge X-Files fan and Dana Scully is a smart, bada** woman. 

In addition to retiring my derby name, I also retired from playing jammer (at least for now, the saga may continue). Between the Wreckers and Like OMGs, I play Pivot or Blocker. One of my derby goals is to drink the sweat beads that I've been collecting in a vial from Moose, so that I can increase my backwards blocking agility. Another goal is that one of our home teams takes that shiny home team trophy away from the Rats.

Moose, Terror and Dovah all inspire me which is why I've befriended them (to absorb their powers). Jammers aren't terrified of Moose for no reason and her backwards blocking is a force to be reckoned with. Terror and Dovah play all the positions - more than that, they play all the positions exceptionally well. All three of them really know how to play with a team (no matter what team you see them skating on) and are delightful skaters/teammates/unicorns to be with on the track.

My favorite derby memory was when I was off-skates volunteering at a bout and Spazzy (may he/she/them rest in peace) ran onto the track during a jam. As recently appointed Track Head, there was no existing protocol for "cat on track" so I blissfully watched the madness ensue. 

May 2018 Skater of the Month

Nicety Nice N Nasty #152

What is the story behind your derby name and number? 
My sister once told me "you're the nicest person I know AND the meanest!"  She's right!  So back in '89 when the singer Michel'le released a song called Nicety..."some people think I'm nice, some people think I'm nasty, and if you really want to know just ask me...and I'll say I'm nicety"  the nickname stuck.  I never imagined it would become my derby name.  For the most part, I'm 90% nice and 10% nasty.  On the derby track, it's the opposite, at least in my mind. 

My 152 Derby number comes from the 152nd day of the calendar year, which is June 1st, my mom's birthday.  I skate in memory of my mom who passed away two months prior to me joining SFV Roller Derby in early 2014.  

What made you join roller derby anyways?
One morning, I was watching KTLA news and Gayle Anderson was doing a segment on SFV Roller Derby.  The segment showcased the sport and the skaters at the Lot. I thought...hmm, maybe this is what I need?  I called every friend asking them if they would go with me to the First Date practice and everyone said "Derby? thanks".  At age 44, I showed up alone and I feel it was one of the best decisions of my life.  

What position do you play? Any other skating stuff you particularly enjoy?
My favorite position was blocking and I absolutely loved skating backwards like no other!  

Who inspires you?
Who inspires me? Good question. Honestly, everyone does because we all struggle at every level of derby and it's inspiring to see those that don't give up...but, I have to say the ones that inspire me the MOST are the derby over 40 group of skaters or those close to 40.  They are hard-core!  They inspired me to work harder, never quit, hustle faster and never use the excuse that I'm too old to do something because I see that they can do it!  Practice, determination and perseverance will prevail.  Age means nothing. 

Favorite roller derby memory? 
My favorite memories are the times I've volunteered.  I truly enjoy helping the league that has helped ME so much emotionally, just by allowing me to skate.  The love, encouragement and support I receive surpasses any therapy I could get elsewhere!   My best advice to anyone new...go to practice even when your sore.  You’ll get better and better every time!  

What's next?
It’s time for me to leave the league and it hurts my heart a little. I am so honored and very appreciative that I was recognized at this time again. 

Thank you Killo Kitty and SFV Roller Derby for EVERYTHING!  I love you all. 

Nicety Nice n Nasty #152 forever! 

The Skully Award, April 2018

SFV Roller Derby would be nothing without our hardworking officials, both our onskates Referees and our dedicated Non-Skating Officials. Throughout the year, the Training Team would like to honor an official in recognition of their contribution to the league. 


Honoring HI-HO GIZMO 

 Photo Credit: Jon Cobb

Photo Credit: Jon Cobb

1. How did you decide on your derby name? What does it mean to you?
I knew I wanted something cute and '80s inspired since those are my fave kinda things. I thought about a few other names, but back then we had to see if our desired names were too close to another name already registered, so then Hi-ho Gizmo was born! In Gremlins they all go watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, happily singing along  "Hi-ho! Hi-ho!" I love that scene and Gizmo is just the cutest. So my name is like if Gizmo went a little wild :)

2. How did you get started as a roller derby official? How long have you been involved?
I had some friends in the league encourage me to help at a few games early on and it just went from there. Times I have been injured or not as active skating it has been a great way to stay involved and see everyone. I think I have been NSOing for around 5 years.

3. What's your favorite roller derby memory?
Oh man, so many great memories! Hard to choose just one. Any time I am laughing with the awesome SFV gang is a great memory!

4. Who inspires you, both on and off the track? 
It's gotta be my derby wife, Dovahkill. She is just the best all around! She always works hard and is there to help everyone at any time. 

5. What's your spirit animal? Why?
My parents always say sloths are! Haha, sounds about right! They are definitely one of the animals I hold most dear to my heart. 

6. What's something you wish all skaters knew or realized?
To not take everything so seriously. We are all here to have fun!

7. When you're not on the track, where can we find you?
Doing something animal related, whether it be hanging with my dogs, watching nature documentaries, working with exotic animals or visiting animal facilities. 


April 2018 Skater of the Month


 Chuck Gay Photography

Chuck Gay Photography

Tell us about your name.

It took me so long to come up with a derby name! Something fierce enough with a catchy nick name. I landed on TraumaMia for a number or reasons. 

  1) Heck yeah, musicals & Abba 

  2) My family is Italian so seemed like a fun nod to that. 

  3) And this may be a stretch...but when I was a teen I was diagnosed with a blood disorder that prevented me from playing any sports or activities with wheels for fear of head or internal "trauma" ;) This was one of my biggest motivations for playing Roller Derby in the first place. When my symptoms began to subside in the past couple years I realized I really just wanted to do something reckless and bad ass for all the times I was told I couldn't! Guess it's all that leftover teen angst!

What position do you play? What are your derby goals?

I've primarily been a Jammer so far which has been super fun! I seriously never would have expected myself to be a jammer or to like jamming, but there's just something about it! The intensity of the feeling of victory when you get it right, and the crushing defeat when you get stuck (Lol). 

I really want to work on my agility/speed, footwork, and strategy! Jamming seems to be one of those things where you just have to try it until it works, so my goal is just to practice as much as possible until it feels right! Overall, I want to keep pushing myself to attend advanced practices, as I've really noticed the difference it makes when you practice above your level. I'm excited to eventually play in my first away game with an SFV travel team. 

Who/what inspires you on the track?

Jammers like Pan and SkullE because of their great attitude and how they make it all look SO EASY and graceful!

Blockers like Cookie, Dovah, Stockholm, Moose, and Havana (and there's so many more amazing ladies!) because they've always been super encouraging and thoughtful in how they train others...yet have probably kicked my ass more than once. :)

What is your favorite derby memory?

My favorite memory so far might have to be that first Fer Sure's game against Rebeltown last month. Not only was it my first travel team game, but it was my first ever win!! I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect from another league, but think I ended up doing much better than I expected.